Mobile Users, Look Out: The TSplus Remote Desktop App is Officially Available

For the past three years, TSplus has invested a lot to satisfy its mobile users, constantly developing and improving the HTML5 remote client to guarantee easy access for smartphones and tablets. The change has come: Starting Friday, the TSplus App can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the iTunes Store.

Discover the brand-new TSplus App for mobile!

TSplus is thrilled to announce the release of its new Mobile App!

After years of innovation, TSplus is proud to deliver an app specifically designed for mobile devices. Based on the latest improvements made to the kernel of the HTML5 client, the TSplus App provides the fastest and easiest way to connect to RDS servers from tablets and smartphones, on any operating system.

Smart Management for RDS Administrators

The HTML5 client has been greatly improved to support all specifications of the TSplus App. Now, all preferences and settings are fully accessible to the Administrator on the server side, which makes it easy to adapt remote application and desktop displays to mobile devices. It’s the simplest and most efficient way to run remote applications on a Smartphone, tablet or even PC. The steps are basic: download the App, add one, two, ten different servers with IP addresses or host names, use SSL if necessary, enter credentials and connect.

The App will display the remote applications or desktop assigned to the user, exactly like the other TSplus connection channels (see screenshot).

Quick Access for Remote Workers

The App aims to change the lives of TSplus mobile users and all digital nomads by giving them 24/7 access to their professional Windows applications, from anywhere, with one click.

Whenever an employee is away from the office for a business trip, going to a meeting, or even working from home, he or she can now quickly accomplishes his work tasks from a Smartphone or tablet. All the employee has to do is to use the TSplus App, and he or she will be remotely connected to his office in no time (see screenshot).

The TSplus App is offered for free to TSplus customers!

The App has been available to the general public since last Friday, and is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

Taking advantage of it couldn’t be simpler! The TSplus App can be easily found on Google Play or the iTunes Store. All TSplus customers are invited to download it for free.


  • The host site must be a TSplus Web Mobile or Enterprise system.
  • The 11.20 release must be installed on this host. Download the update release now:

Download Links

Note: Those who are happy with the TSplus App are highly encouraged to leave a review at the App Stores.

Source: Terminal Service Plus

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