MixPlaces Launches Improved Custom Map Prints Users Can Personalize in Minutes

Miami-based MixPlaces Launches Multiple Improvements to Its Custom Map Prints, Making Them the Industry’s Most Feature-Rich Custom Map Prints

MixPlaces Launches Improved Custom Map Prints Users Can Personalize in Minutes

MixPlaces, a leader in personalized gifts, announces its launch of new and improved custom map prints. These maps set a new standard in the industry, offering unparalleled detail, customizable routes, and dozens of additional features, making them the world’s most feature-rich custom map prints.

Now offering three main types of maps, MixPlaces has revolutionized the custom map print industry with the most powerful and flexible custom maps available to date. These include:

  • Street map posters, perfect for cities and other urban areas, show locations with improved cartographic detail and data gained through collaboration with data partners.
  • Topographic map posters allow users to see the elevation changes of their chosen locations, appealing to a wider audience of outdoor adventurers and those who live in rural regions.
  • Terrain map posters, also known as hillshade maps, give a three-dimensional, detailed look at the land's physical features, such as mountains and canyons. This type of map gives adventure-prone users a complete view of larger areas.

Additionally, over 20 new features have been added over the last four months. Compatible with all types of maps, these features include custom routes, markers, labels, GPX data import, and more.

Founder Adam Mizrahi stresses MixPlaces' focus on excellence, saying, "When it comes to maps, we continue to stay focused on making the easiest, most flexible, and most beautiful personalized maps anywhere.”

Users can now include their personal journeys (such as road trips, hikes, and runs) in their prints. Frequent travelers, for example, can create route maps of all their trips, labeling each location however they desire and customizing each location marker in shape, color, and size. And with over 20 color options and 15 layouts to choose from, these maps are the perfect personalized gift for anyone.

As MixPlaces continues to evolve its platform, users can anticipate more updates, improvements, and exciting additions.

About MixPlaces

MixPlaces, headquartered in Miami, Florida, is a pioneering startup dedicated to redefining memory preservation through a unique fusion of art and technology. Specializing in transforming cherished memories into lasting artistic mementos, the company leverages astronomical, weather, and GPS data, combined with a proprietary algorithm and advanced AI. MixPlaces offers various styles of framed wall prints (custom maps, star maps, coordinates art, and more) that are meticulously crafted to adorn spaces with sentimental elegance. Additionally, the revolutionary MixPlaces photo books automatically incorporate hidden aspects of trips, events, and other memories. MixPlaces is committed to providing customers with timeless creations that encapsulate the essence of their most precious moments, ready to be displayed, shared, and treasured for generations. To learn more, visit MixPlaces at Create Photo Books, Wall Art, Custom Maps, Gifts & Prints or contact us at media@mixplaces.com

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About MixPlaces

MixPlaces is a Miami-based startup set to revolutionize the art of memory keeping by employing technology and design to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes for any occasion.


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