Misahara Jewelry Launches Chain City Collection

Bringing a global ethos to its new Collection

Chain City

Traveling, just like fine jewelry, leaves a lasting impression on people. Since Misahara is all about making an impression, it is announcing the launch of its new Collection - Chain City. Inspired by the nuances of places around the globe, this Collection seeks to help wearers connect with their wanderlust spirit.

The Chain City Collection evokes the memories of voyages past and the desire to travel again, a sentiment that has been put on hold due to the worldwide pandemic. Misahara’s Chain City Collection will rekindle memories of what it feels like to explore favorite places or embark on new adventures. Shop the Collection and reminisce about trips around the world with pieces inspired by designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp’s favorite cities. The sparkling lights of New York shown through diamond embellishments, the City by the Bay, San Francisco - embodied in the crisp blue enamel. Rome inspired the gold and sandblasted texture like the buildings in this historical city where Paris, in all her glamour, is depicted through all the elements combined.

“There are moments when time stands still, and there are moments when it seems to fly. I like to think that our new Chain City Collection can capture the timeless allure of world-class destinations. It will evoke the memories of your greatest adventures and are the perfect pieces to bring with you on your next trip around the world,” says Misahara founder and designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp.

Although the world may have been paused, Misahara keeps on going. The Chain City is the third launched Collection by the company during this unprecedented year and the COVID-19 pandemic.

First was the Mosaic Ice Re-Imagined Collection featuring handcrafted 18k white gold and princess-cut diamonds - a perfect mélange of timeless and edgy. 

Then there are the Misahara Minis - beautiful 14k gold and gemstone stud earrings, sprinkled with white diamonds found in recognizable Misahara designs such as stars, petals, butterflies and more.

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Source: Misahara