MiniTool Software News - Scarab-Red Ransomware: New Variant Comes in July, Remove It!

Researches have found the new variant of Scarab Ransomware in July, and that is Scarab-Red Ransomware. MiniTool, the professional IT software provider, offers effective solutions to remove Scarab-Red Ransomware, keeping the PC data safe.

Recently, MiniTool Software security researches have spotted a new variant of Scarab Ransomware, and that is Scarab-Red Ransomware. It appends the specific extension .red to encrypt important files and blackmail victims into paying a ransom for decryption solution. For example, the file "123.doc" turns to "" after encryption.

And unlike other ransomware, the virus places HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES ransom note into each of the affected folders soon after encryption, asking victims to write an email,  if they want to restore files.

This ransomware virus is often distributed through some links inside spam emails or the attachments which are disguised by legitimate-looking names. Usually, paying ransom is not recommended since the criminals may simply take users' money but send no decryption key in return. To avoid this case, users should try other ways to recover lost data instead of contacting cybercriminals.

Remove Scarab-Red Ransomware and Restore Files

Remember, it is not recommended to delete severe infections like ransomware since malware's code is complicated extremely and only IT professionals can execute that task.

Firstly of all, users can download and use antivirus software to scan the entire disk and remove the virus. To do this, it is required to enter the Safe mode. (For Windows 7 users, press F8 during the startup and choose Safe Mode with Networking. For Windows 10/8 users, enter the WinRE to select Safe Mode with Networking)

If users have a restore point, they can try to use it to restore the PC to its previous state and remove Scarab-Red ransomware. Usually, they need to enter the Safe Mode to perform a System Restore.

Additionally, if Scarab-Red Ransomware attacks the PC and causes data loss, users can try professional data recovery software to get lost files back, although the chance of recovery is quite slim. Here, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can be a good choice. Or use ShadowExplorer to show available point-in-time copies, browse through Shadow Copies and retrieve versions of files and folders.

Avoid Using Ransomware to Keep Important Files

According to the research of IT professionals, Ransomware is usually hidden inside a deceptive hyperlink or is attached directly to the email. Thus, users had better delete it permanently if they receive a space email.

Additionally, keep the installed antivirus up-to-date so that it can help to deal with most cyber threats that users may encounter online.

Besides, there are some tips users should pay attention to; don't visit pornographic sites that may lead to Scarab-red Ransomware invasion; do not click on ads or links displayed on redirected web portals; run a Windows patch update as soon as possible, etc.

Reply on Backup Tool to Protect PC from Scarab-Red Ransomware

Ransomware always exist, letting computers under threat. To keep PC from ransomware virus, making a regular backup will be the reliable solution.

Windows OS comes with a free backup and restore tool, enabling users to create a system image or back up files. This tool can meet the basic backup requirements. However, it sometimes gets stuck at creating a system image, or Volume Shadow Copy errors always happen.  

To safeguard computer security, to use professional backup & recovery software will be a good option. Usually, users may look for the program that can back up files, system, partition, and disk easily & regularly and support incremental & differential backup. Here, MiniTool ShadowMaker, all-around and free backup software, can meet all the users' needs.

And it is compatible with Windows 10/8/7. Just get it and install on a computer. Then, choose local backup, specify the backup source and destination path. Finally, start the backup operation.

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