Minimalist Home Accessory Brand Collabo Space Returns to Kickstarter With the Newest Version of Hurdle Hanger

Collabo Space has reinvented the original clothes hanger to better suit the needs of today's consumer

Hurdle Hanger

After successfully raising $59,000 for its $2 one-second pants hanger, Collabo Space makes its return to Kickstarter - this time to launch a hanger for all types of clothing.

The clothing hanger was originally designed to allow people quick access to their clothing as well as designate an area in their home to keep their clothing in. It was also used to keep clothing dry and without wrinkles. However, since the inception of the idea, the overall design of hangers has not changed to accommodate the needs of people today. Collabo Space has designed its newest edition of Hurdle Hanger to fix some of those problems. For any piece of clothing, it can be placed on Hurdle Hanger in less than three painless steps.

These are the six criteria that Collabo Space kept in mind when designing the newest Hurdle Hanger.

  1. Create a hanger that can be used for virtually any type of clothing or clothing accessory
  2. Maintain the original shape of the clothing without stretching it
  3. Make it extremely quick and easy to use
  4. Take up less space so that people can optimize their closet space
  5. Make sure that clothes don't slip off and fall onto the ground
  6. Have it made from high-end materials but also keep it affordable

In order to make their hanger affordable for the public, Collabo Space has committed to selling Hurdle Hanger through Kickstarter so that middle-man costs could be cut out for early adopters. Hurdle Hanger is now live on Kickstarter and Collabo Space is looking to collaborate with journalists and influencers in promoting their product. Any interested parties are encouraged to reach out via their Kickstarter campaign.

Source: Collabo Space Inc.


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