Millionaires Prefer Neither Trump nor Clinton for Presidential Nomination

Roughly 40% of millionaires on LUXY found Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump to be unsuitable candidates for the presidential election, whilst 32% in favor of Trump and only 29% in favor of Clinton.

Luxy Survey Result

LUXY App, the luxury dating site that caters to the 1% crowd, has surveyed more than 1,400 wealthy men and women on the subject of the US presidential nomination.  LUXY App asked its members about their personal preference of presidential candidate, Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The results saw that the majority of LUXY users preferred neither presidential candidate for the upcoming election, possibly reflecting the exhaustion felt by a number of US voters towards their pick of candidates.

In the recent poll, roughly 40% of millionaires on LUXY found Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump to be unsuitable candidates for the presidential election, whilst 32% in favor of Trump and only 29% in favor of Clinton. With the overwhelming majority being unimpressed with either candidate, this is an alarming figure coming from those who are the most successful in society. This further proves to substantiate the suggestion by numerous news sources, the contemporary presidential nominees have been the most unpopular in history, with both candidates being deemed untrustworthy even by members of their own party.

Despite beating Hillary in the poll, the news that Trump in particular has failed to win over the those at the top of the financial ladder may be surprising to some, considering Trump’s proposal to reduce taxes for the richest of America. If elected, the top income tax rate would drop from 39.6% to 25%, and yet these figures do not seem to sway the top 1% of the population. 

More expected, was the response towards the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who was the least popular in the poll. Clinton regularly speaks of her plans to increase tax on the wealthiest, and as such would not likely be a suitable candidate for LUXY users; those regularly in the top 1%.

So what does this say for the state of the political climate in the US? Simply put, neither candidate, in the eyes of those most affluent, are suitable to represent the country. Millionaires have always proven to have strong leadership qualities, high intelligence and keen insights. The fact that Trump is unable to convince those at the top suggest his wild, outlandish rhetoric just isn’t believable for those at the top.

This comes following news of infighting within the Republican party themselves. More recently, former presidential hopeful Ted Cruz caused massive controversy following his refusal to endorse the presumptive nominee. Perhaps this is a reflection of the entirely fractious state of affairs in US politics today. Millionaires have appeared to have lost faith in the US governmental system, and without the support of successful business, the economic market will surely decline.​

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Source: Luxy Inc.

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