Dating App, or Dating Gap? Luxy Surpasses Its Mainstream Competitors Such as Tinder on User Quality

Research found that roughly 70% of active users on Luxy are women, yet further discovered that the successful match rate for both genders was the same at 50%.

Sex Ratio of Luxy Active Users

LUXY App (, the millionaire dating site that caters to the 1% crowd has revealed that they have outperformed competitors such as Tinder, Happn and OKCupid for the overall proportion of female users being featured on the app. Could this signify the need for a change in strategy for male dominated dating apps that like Tinder, that routinely field criticisms of the dipping quality of their users?

Since launching in 2014, the LUXY dating app has witnessed more than 1 Million downloads. During this time, the app has been able to buck the trend of male-saturated dating, instead placing focus on user quality rather than sheer quantity. Other dating apps have also taken steps to swim against this current, on Bumble for example, the woman has to message first. 

The research found that roughly 70% of active users on Luxy are women, yet further discovered that the successful match rate for both genders was the same at 50%. Luxy founder and CEO Tim T. attributes this to the exclusivity of the App: “With the rise of high-speed digital dating, it’s about time somebody introduced a filter to weed out low-income prospects by neighborhood,” said the LUXY CEO. “We’ve received criticism in the past for being too exclusive, but fact is, it works. It doesn’t take long to find those who belong on a different kind of dating site, because those who aren’t right for the app are eliminated”.

The news comes along with the recent survey conducted by Global Web Index, having surveyed 32 countries, the firm found that just 38% of users on popular dating apps like Tinder were women. Tinder, arguably the most popular and common dating service, is great in numbers but could be described as lacking user quality, compared more exclusive apps.

This dip in quality appears to be wide spread, more clearly evidenced by the study conducted by an independent YouTube channel Whatever. After swiping over 1000 matches for two accounts, one male and woman, the woman was found to have over 70% more matches than her male counterpart. There was, as one commenter wrote, a simple reason for this; “Tinder is full of creepy men, and it offsets the balance”. Luxy, as a company that prides itself on the quality of its users, does just the opposite.

Of course, a millionaire dating app like Luxy is not without its critics, and has in the past been labelled “the most judgmental dating app to exist yet”. Yet, as a spokesperson for Luxy highlights, this is for good reason: “Tinder was for everyone, Luxy is for those that matter. Modern dating as we know it requires us to be more judgmental, to filter out those ‘creepy users’ and find their ideal match”. Does being exclusive automatically mean judgmental?

But how can I get on Luxy?

Despite Tinder’s massive user base, there’s simply no filter for the type and brand of people who you want to be recommended.  Male users on Luxy don’t have to be rich to get accepted, they just need good profiles. Members now have the option to better their user experience by “voting out” applicants they deem unfit. Hopeful applicants first create profiles boasting their salaries, favorite luxury brands, and identifying characteristics such as “billionaire,” “handsome,” “busty,” “sexy” and “model,” and existing members can vote them in or out for 24 hours. The Luxy user base is the only base that has a vetted and verified pool of users, guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Tinder is overstretched and unregulated; Luxy, it seems, is just getting started.


Luxy Millionaire Dating App is the leading dating app for singles who like all things Luxury. Luxy has been featured, ABC, CNBC, CBS, Huffington Post, Business Insider and The New York Times, to name a few and has been dubbed as 'Tinder for Rich' by CNN. Since its launching in 2014, Luxy has become the leading millionaire matchmaker app and has paired over one million elite singles.

Source: Luxy Inc.

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