Million Dollar Story Agency Announces the Release of the 3rd Volume in Their Million Dollar Story Series

Million Dollar Moms

​​​Million Dollar Story Publishing & Marketing Agency launched a new book, “Million Dollar Moms: Mom Entrepreneurs Share Secrets of Building Businesses & Raising Highly Successful Kids”, and it quickly rose to Best Seller in eight categories, earned the coveted Best Seller Banner in four categories, and was recognized as #1 Best Hot New Release in 16 categories including Real Estate, Women in Business, e-Commerce, and Marketing & Sales.

"Have you ever failed? Hit a roadblock that felt impossible to overcome at the time? As a woman and mom asking friends and family to believe in you while you try to build a business, have you ever felt overwhelmed or embarrassed, almost too scared to go forward but with too much at stake to quit?"

Million Dollar Moms is written by six highly successful businesswomen - Chimene Van Gundy, Alison J Prince, Holly Homer, Oxana Ungureanu, Kiana Danial, and Leanne Woehlke - running multi-million dollar companies or running multiple million-dollar companies while raising kids and even fostering kids. But they started out "just like you and me." It also includes chapters by four of their children - Kathryn Woehlke, Nicole Ungureanu, Makayla Prince, and Bella Marsh - aged 14-19, who already have top-50 podcasts or who already earn six-figures per month while attending school and participating in band and sports (before those activities paused).

Million Dollar Moms is packed with secrets for building wildly successful businesses while raising entrepreneurial kids; businesses like real estate investing, buying and flipping real estate, network marketing, blogging, finance, e-Commerce, Fulfillment By Amazon and more. It comes with a range of resources that can help any entrepreneur seize opportunities and determine their own fortune. In an era of rapid change, readers will also hear directly from teenagers and young adults whose moms encouraged action-taking towards business and helped them develop an entrepreneurial mindset in order for the next generation to write their own Million Dollar Story despite external forces. 

All Million Dollar Story authors have real-life learning journeys that will inspire readers to keep going no matter their starting point. Readers of Chimene Van Gundy’s chapter will learn that she endured her family’s participation in a church cult and later the trauma of being sold into sexual slavery by an abusive foster family. She flipped that story by flipping mobile homes, clearing the $1 million mark in just 21 days. She’s the mother of five kids, has fostered over 60 children, donated thousands to rescue children, and is on her way to $25 million. She, like all the Million Dollar Story authors, is on a mission to make a difference and change lives. 

With the purchase of Million Dollar Moms, readers will gain access to resources provided by the authors in each chapter. The book is available for sale on Amazon here and is currently priced for promotion at just 99 cents for the Kindle version.

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