Million Dollar Dads: Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Share the Best Advice & Secrets for Mastering Work-Life Balance

Million Dollar Dads

Million Dollar Story Publishing & Marketing Agency launched the fourth volume in their Million Dollar Story Series. "Million Dollar Dads" quickly rose to Best Seller in nine categories - including prestigious spots in Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Advertising, and Sales, earned the coveted Best Seller Banner in five categories, and was recognized as #1 Best Hot New Release in multiple categories.

"Have you ever failed? Hit a roadblock that felt impossible at the time? As a man and a father trying to build a business, have you ever felt overwhelmed, lost, working so hard to provide for your family while seemingly abandoning them as you feel increasingly distant, disappointed, almost too frustrated to go forward but with too much at stake to quit?" Discover stories of vulnerability, belief, and success in this Chicken Soup For The Soul-like series about entrepreneurship and family.

In an era of rapid change, hear directly from highly influential businessmen who encourage action-taking and an entrepreneurial-based mindset, skillset, and business: Preston Anderson, Chris Baden, Eric Beer, James Golden, Cody Loughlin, Evans Putman, and Akbar Sheikh. Million Dollar Dads is packed with secrets for building wildly successful businesses while prioritizing family, and it includes resources that can help any entrepreneur seize opportunities to determine their fortune. 

Chris Baden, dad to three, formerly an American Ninja Warrior competitor, grew three businesses to the million-dollar mark based on his system of Purpose Driven Prospecting - which his three-year-old son has now mastered! Akbar Sheikh went from living in a closet with his brother to receiving four Two Comma Club ($1Million) awards while helping thousands of entrepreneurial students make more to give more. All Million Dollar Story authors have real-life learning journeys that will inspire readers to keep going no matter their starting point. 

A fresh perspective on juggling fatherhood and entrepreneurship. Five Stars.

This book beautifully illustrates the delicate elements of balancing family and work-life for loving fathers. These fathers open up and share about the moments in their journey where things seemed to be falling apart. After reading you will walk away feeling like you absolutely can rock business and cherish your family at the same time.

Great Business and Dad book. Five Stars.

This book provided special insight for my own work-life balance challenges and really brought into focus how important it is to be 'present' with my family. I also really liked that several of the dads in the book faced extremely challenging experiences and managed to overcome them and thrive which I found really inspiring.

All the Million Dollar Story authors are on a mission to make a difference and change lives. When you buy Million Dollar Dads you have access to resources provided by the authors in each chapter. The book is available for sale on Amazon here.

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