Millennium Health Centers, Inc. Provides Alternative and Natural Approaches to Support Healthy Brain Function and Psychological Well-Being

A new approach to help each person to obtain optimal biological resiliency.

Driven by a passion for achieving optimum health through positive lifestyle changes, Millennium Health Centers, Inc. provides alternative and natural approaches to support healthy brain function and psychological well-being. Dr. Mark Gordon started the company more than 35 years ago in his quest to improve memory, mental energy, cognition and physical performance using natural, non-toxic ingredients. The dedicated team has continued to further Gordon's mission by making high-performing, all-natural nutraceuticals available to everyone who seeks better mental and physical health.

Millennium Health Centers clinically tests all of the nutraceuticals over a period of years before releasing them. The products are non-GMO, gluten free, do not contain artificial colorants and use natural flavoring with stevia. Each product is formulated with Liposomal technology, a unique delivery system that enhances the body's absorption of the nutraceuticals.

Brain Care II (BC2)

Brain Care II (BC2) was developed over the past 16 years. BC2 used powdered forms of the ingredients in its initial iteration, but was developed as a liposomal product once the most effective combination of ingredients was discovered. This product contains 6 natural ingredients that reduce the production of inflammatory chemicals that harm the brain and body.

When BC2 launched in May 2019, the test subjects - active military medics - responded with a 50 percent to 70 percent improvement in just 90 days.

Clear Mind and Energy (CME)

Released in March 2017 to the Navy SEALs after 8 years of development and testing, Clear Mind and Energy (CME) provides mental clarity, focus and greater endurance under stress. Users do not report experiencing the energy crashes that are common with energy drinks.

B is for Brain (B4B) 

The composition of B is for Brain (B4B) was partly derived based on the observation that B complex with PQQ and CoQ10 cleared the minds of military veterans suffering from blast-related cognitive decline, memory loss and foggy thoughts. Additionally, recent articles support the mental benefits of the vitamins used in the formulation of B4B.

Consumers who use nutraceuticals from Millennium Health Centers report improved clarity and energy.

""I have been using CME now for over three months. I can say that it really delivers. I find a very nice "non-jittery" lift in energy and a noticeable increase in focus. What I really like is that it doesn't hit you like a brick, but seems to slowly grow, and really hangs in there for a good five to six hours. I really enjoy the effects much more than the cheap, toxic sugary energy drinks on the mass market." - Dr. K Wagner

"I have been using CME for the past three months and have noticed an incredible difference in my focus, concentration and energy levels. Since using CME, I have gone from five cups of coffee a day to two. I am less distracted at work and my performance has increased. I am sold on CME!" - K Flike

"Prior to CME, I was waking up foggy. Caffeine would perk me up, but it also made me jittery. CME gave me an immediate positive response, clearing the hazy morning cloud and replacing it with energy and focus. I have better concentration and am more efficient at work. The need to drink coffee in the morning is gone." - Bentley R.

About Dr. Mark L. Gordon

Dr. Mark L. Gordon is the founder and medical director of Millennium Health Centers, Inc. in Encino, California. In 2015, Dr. Gordon released the book, "Traumatic Brain Injury - A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment" that presents the science and his experience treating all precipitating causes of traumatic brain injury in both active military, veteran, sports, and civilian populations. Dr. Gordon has also joined with the Warrior Angels Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded by veterans Andrew and Adam Marr to provide services to members of the armed forces both active and veterans. For more information, visit and

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