"Mighty Joe Plunger": Stronger and a More Effective Alternative to Standard Plungers

Invents introduces "Mighty Joe Plunger" which makes short work of those stubborn drain clogs in toilet.

​It is tempting to call this new product Mighty Joe Plumber, but put plunger in place of plumber and the work this device accomplishes is the same. The Mighty Joe Plunger is a specially modified, reinforced, and “perfected” plunger that is stronger and a more effective alternative to standard plungers.  It features a powerful “blowhole” to clear clogs in the drains of toilets, sinks and tubs. The design intent of this device is to provide consumers with a quicker, easier and more effective means of eradicating clogs. The Mighty Joe Plunger comes complete with a discrete and attractive stand.
The Mighty Joe Plunger is reinforced with “support ribs” for added strength. This also helps in creating a greater force with which to unclog stubborn drains. At the bottom of the plunger, the “blow hole” is a small egress opening. With this design, the Mighty Joe Plunger is able to fully cover a toilet’s drain. When a user pushes on the handle, the air within the chamber is forced out into the drain in a jet-stream force-like manner pushing all that is in its way and clearing the clog. Suctioning action is also accomplished with the Mighty Joe Plunger. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Mighty Joe Plunger.
The Patent Pending Mighty Joe Plunger was invented by Joe Vasquez of Laguna Niguel, CA who said, “Physical exertion is not necessary to unclog drains for anyone utilizing the Mighty Joe Plunger. There is no need for repeatedly pumping a plunger up and down because Mighty Joe Plunger does the work for the user with swift force and quickly.”

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