Midwest Machinery Wins HVAC Project for Journey Elementary School in Wentzville, MO, With Intelligent Pump Design

The company's innovative solution featuring Armstrong VIL Design Envelope pumps with integrated VFDs and Pump Manager Software is saving the school over $60,000 in installation costs.

Wentzville Journey Elementary

​​​​Midwest Machinery, a leading HVAC sales representative for commercial and industrial applications in Missouri, Illinois, and Oklahoma, won the competitive bidding project to provide HVAC equipment to the new Journey Elementary school in Wentzville, MO.

The company worked in partnership with McClure Engineering, Coleman Heating and Sheet Metal and Raider Mechanical during the design and equipment selection processes, recommending a cutting-edge solution that stood out when compared to other proposals. Several bids were submitted for the project, and Midwest Machinery’s expertise in pumps was instrumental in attaining the project. 

“The pump selections we normally see for projects like Journey Elementary are a series of base-mounted pumps with VFDs on the wall. We wanted to offer a better solution that would not only reduce installation costs but also increase reliability. The Armstrong 4300 VIL Design Envelope pumps with integrated VFDs were the perfect answer,” said Jeff Henderson, Sales Manager of Midwest Machinery. “These pumps eliminated the need for inertia bases, flex connectors, and field pump alignment - saving not only footprint but a lot of money on install,” added Henderson. 

In addition to the pumps, the sales representative included the Armstrong Pump Manager on the project, which is a cloud-based service powered by the IBM® Watson IoT™ platform that provides predictive maintenance analytics to optimize performance and save up to 40 percent in energy consumption. Midwest Machinery estimates that the installation of all six Armstrong pumps plus the Pump Manager will result in over $60 thousand in savings for the school.

“We obviously considered the quality of the product itself, but we also looked at the intelligence behind it. Midwest Machinery offered a creative solution that no one else did and worked with us during the whole process to guarantee the best performance at the lowest expense. There are other great pumps in the market that could handle the application's needs, but collaborating with the engineers at Midwest Machinery and ending up with an intelligent and effective solution made a big difference,” said Alex Pugh, Senior Mechanical Engineer for McClure Engineering. 

“It’s fantastic to see another great project become reality. We know how important performance is to the success of this system, and we are committed to providing these kids and the entire school staff with a comfortable environment for them to learn and share experiences,” said Henderson. 

The company is looking forward to installing the new HVAC equipment along with Coleman Heating and Sheet Metal and Raider Mechanical in Summer 2020.

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