Engineered Products Receives Xcel Energy Midstream Cooling Program Award for Outstanding Water-Source Heat Pumps Sales Performance in 2019

The company was once again recognized for its significant contribution to energy savings in the state of Colorado

Engineered Products Denver, Colorado

Engineered Products, a leading HVAC sales representative for commercial and industrial applications in Denver, received its second award from Xcel Energy earlier this month, acknowledging the company’s accomplishments in the Energy Midstream Cooling Program.

The program, created by Xcel Energy Colorado in 2015, gives distributors rebates based on their sales of high-efficiency equipment. The incentive aims to motivate them to increase sales of high-efficiency HVAC equipment through upselling and to increase stocking of high-efficiency HVAC units so they are readily available to end-users. 

Energy Solutions, the program implementer, believes that maintaining a stock of high-efficiency equipment and actively upselling high-efficiency models benefit distributors’ bottom line, reduce customers’ electricity bills, and protect the environment. 

In 2019, the program incentivized 26,641 tons of equipment for a total of $2,838,339. Engineered Products, which increased its participation by 330% in comparison to the previous year, was again presented with the “Most Water-Source Heat Pumps in 2019” award. 

“We are proud to take part in Xcel’s Midstream Program. They have provided a great platform and guideline for our team to follow to achieve energy-efficient designs,” says Matt Miceli, President of Engineered Products.  

Engineered Products is looking forward to this year and trying to improve on their results.

For more information about the company and its commitment to raise industry standards in service and customer satisfaction, please visit

Source: Engineered Products


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