Mid-Air 3D 'Holograms' Create Surprise With New Technology From the Effects Experts at TLC Creative

Hypervsn displays 3D visuals that appear as if they are holograms floating in mid-air, and the Hypervsn Wall technology combines multiple holographic devices to produce visuals of almost any size and configuration. TLC Creative is using the hologram effect to energize events, exhibits and shows with mid-air 3D visuals they call 'Floating Video.'

Holographic Trade Show Display Uses Hypervsn Technology from TLC Creative

Seeing Hypervsn in person is an eye-opening experience. The surprising appearance of 3D imagery that appears to be floating in air is like nothing else. Hypervsn's technology is captivating people at events all over the world, and Los Angeles-based TLC Creative is using the effect to energize events and exhibits with mid-air 3D visuals they call Floating Video.

TLC provides trade shows, exhibits and special events across North America with the "holographic" displays. ​Hypervsn Walls are surprising people with the hologram effect scaled to over 10 feet wide.

Hypervsn Wall has just won Display Technology of the Year at the 2019 AV Awards. This is the second time Hypervsn has received an AV Award. In 2018, Hypervsn was recognized as the Digital Signage Product of the Year.


A floating video display for a boxing championship, held at New York’s Madison Square Garden, featured the boxer's initials "GGG" floating in the air above his entrance, with the holographic animations created by TLC.

“What is amazing about Floating Video is how EVERYONE who sees it stops and stares,” says Kevin Bilida, owner and team leader of TLC Creative. “Seeing dynamic content in a three-dimensional space, and floating in mid-air, with the look and feel of a holographic image is a breakthrough in display technology.”

A Hypervsn Wall was created on a mobile rig by TLC for an NBA game. The mobile rig had the ability to move the hologram on and off the basketball court quickly for the TV cameras. TLC has created Hypervsn Walls for a variety of clients using the blended matrix technology that combines screens for a single large hologram.


Making big impact with innovative effects is everyday business for TLC. TLC is famous for designing and building the projection-mapped video cylinder reveal and release pre-game show for the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center.

TLC provides technical and event production support, live stage and special effects, kabuki and projection effects, as well as the latest innovations in LED effects and LED for events.


From cryotechnic fog bursts, pyrotechnics and lasers to Xylobands LED wristbands and Hypervsn, TLC specializes in live special effects and stage effects for shows and events of all kinds.

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