Microsoft Is About To Release A Tablet Computer

Microsoft is all ready to launch their own tablet developed with 'Barnes and Noble' partnership.

A new product launch is awaited from Microsoft in close alliance with Barnes and Noble. Both the companies announced their strategic partnership, with 300mn$ corpus of investment from Barnes and Noble. The jointly designed company alliance is yet to be given a name. The news for Barnes and Noble releasing a tablet with Microsoft had first come to surface in the month of April.

The companies have a large market share in their own industries. Microsoft is the software and search engine service company, while Barnes and Noble is a successful bookseller for US. The two companies are expected to increase reading habits and innovation through online media. Statements from the companies' side have indicated their motive behind forming the alliance and partnership for strategy in e-commerce market for e-reading and e-books. Internal memos and communications have stated to gain market competitiveness, large number of loyal customers and repeat purchases. This is a time bound release for the tablet computer asserted by Microsoft.

Microsoft with the launch of tablet computer is expecting a large market development, with the Windows8 and Windows Phone. Microsoft has asserted to gain a higher number of users and utilize this opportunity to their added advantage.

Including this release Microsoft has planned for a new application technology called 'Smartglass'. Achieving a content push from television to phones or tablets and vice versa is the main goal for 'Smartglass'. The new venture for tablet computer is set for release this week only. Microsoft with the other releases for software and tablet computer hopes to take advantage of building a new set of customers and competitive strength in the years to come. Barnes and Noble with a large investment for around 300million$ in the alliance might be the strategy for positioning their market alongside. Changes in the World Wide Web happen quite fast and Microsoft releases for this year are not far behind.


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