Easy Deals- PSD To HTML @ $79: Piece Of Art, Guaranteed!

Seosemanticxhtml, lends you yet another hand by bringing you closer to your dream website, through a pocket friendly Standard package for just '$79'.

Statistics, speak truth and only that. The burgeoning number of Internet users (before it was restricted to Desktops/laptops, now it's mobiles too) speaks of the power and reach of it. Earlier users were less, websites were less. Now users are more, so quite simply, websites are more. Hence, the rise in demand of websites.

So, in view of this escalating demand for PSD to HTML conversion (which is the first step in website construction) and as a friendly gesture to acknowledge the shoestring budget of the customers- SeoSemanticXhtml has brought out a Standard Package for just $79. Speaking of what the package entails would be akin to speak separately about every branch of a full grown tree, that adds value to its structure.

However, the highlights of it are that you'd get a World Wide Web Consortium valid PSD to HTML markup. A manually written code, that's end-to-end Search Engine friendly and is compatible with all the ruling browsers on the web; an undying 24/7 client support through Phone, Email and live chat. A 50% discount on the Inner Pages. And the list is endless!

The Vice President of the firm, Nishant Gupta opined, "The majority of the current populace still remembers the time without the Internet. And though the mould is being broken due to growing dependability on the medium, a website still remains a 'big thing'. Our attempt is to bring about a change in that mindset, that, no it's not a big deal anymore! And we want our prices to do the talking".

He also talked about the subject of themes in particular. He said, "No matter which profession you're in, today, there is a tailor made theme that exists out there for you. All you have to do is find it and use it."

About Seosemanticxhtml
12 years in the realm of web development is a long time. It includes the period when web technology underwent some revolutionizing changes. Having been through the tide of time, a firm with proven caliber, SeoSemanticXhtml, has shown excellent progress and has surged ahead with pride. Mostly known for a bouquet of features that adorn their packages and a rock solid client support system, the firm has built a respectable base for itself. Functioning out of California, they've rendered services to names like Hollywood Records, The Wallt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, National, Auton and many more. Going from strength to strength, their refined work speaks volumes of the zeal with which they lend uniqueness to every project.

Media Contact:
Phone: (888)459-7668
Email: sales@seosemanticxhtml.com
California, Los Angeles, USA

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