Adobe Won't Support Flash For Android 4.1

From a recent news announcement, Adobe has made it clear that it would not use or support flash player browser plugin for Android 4.1 and more.

Adobe in a recent news report has announced the discontinuation of the development for flash being supported for Android 4.1 and more advanced versions. Adobe has also issued a news citing that they would not include any further access of Flash player to Google play store.

This news also states further that devices with flash player would include flash while those that have not had any new updates for flash until 15th August would not have any Flash.

Flash player is either being pre-installed by the manufacturer or installed from Google Play. The adobe flash player was expectedly called the relic from the past and Steve jobs had made it look as it would be a competitive advantage for Android as well.

In an earlier update with the news from adobe it had been discontinued from around 2011 and the mobile browser version had been discontinued as well. With an even richer multimedia content on the mobiles the HTML5 technology was made out to be the clear winner.

Certification for devices is a necessary and important aspect of the Adobe Flash to play accordingly. Device certifications are an essential way to integrate flash as pre loaded with the device or as system update as well. This plugin integrates with the devices in a tight manner where browser and multimedia subsystems necessitate integration with the device ecosystem and its partners.

Devices with the player not integrated with the system are uncertified and as such the manufacturer has not completed the given certification testing requirements. Many of these uncertified devices have been able to download the player and in most cases it might have worked, while Adobe has strictly stated for cancelling these and many archived downloads. The detriment to the ruling is that there would not be an update from Google Play Store.