Microsoft Crafted New Website For Windows Phone 7.8

Microsoft announcing new website launch for Windows Phone 7.8, owners of Windows Phone companies have begun their speculations over its features. They have even considered Windows 7.8 as more effective than recently launched windows 8.0 start screen.

Microsoft has recently announced to unveil its new website specially crafted to post news on the developing features of Windows Phone 7.8. With this announcement, many users have begun to consider that Windows 7.8 will have something more to offer than Windows 8.0 that was launched recently at the Microsoft Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco. The website will carry news about the features that different companies like, Nokia, Samsung and HTC continues to develop for their Windows Phone 7.8.

Ben Rudolph, a member of Microsoft, wrote in the company blog that once he dropped into the Nokia building to get a Nokia Lumia 900 phone that runs on the early version of Windows 7.8, after using it he found its features to be quite useful with an elegant look, besides having adjustable and customizable tiles of various sizes, giving the entire piece a whole new dimension. He also posted a video on the blog demonstrating the features and color of the phone.

In addition, Rudolph also announced that the website will run under the domain name: and will get a new page created, where Microsoft will keep posting about the new features of windows 7.8 that would come in Nokia Lumias. It will also include updates on features like, Words with Friends and Draw something that Windows 7.8 has incorporated into its devices.

Rudolph wrote, although windows phone keeps on updating itself across various Smart Phones, yet there are some companies that represents the Microsoft's products in a very wrong way. So, with this website, Microsoft will take a step to do away such wrong indications, and keep the customers informed about the new developments.

The new 7.8 blog page will contain more than 100,000 of applications to choose from the Windows Phone store, said a source. It also added that the crafting of this new page will give more insight to people about the developments in windows 7.8, as expected by the users of 7.5.


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