Micronic Technologies Partners With Cimbria and Selects Brian v. Iversen as Strategic Advisor

Micronic Technologies, the first company to offer a patented tornadic-enhanced purification technology to the industrial wastewater sector, today announced that Cimbria Capital's Brian V. Iversen has joined as Strategic Advisor. He will serve as a direct advisor to Micronic's Board of Directors and management team on questions of finance, organizational structure, and go-to-market strategies. Mr. Iversen will work tightly with Micronic Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Karen Sorber, who brings more than 35-years of experience in building and leading private and federal organizations.

"Mr. Iversen's addition to the team signifies a developing strategic relationship between Cimbria and Micronic to seize rising market opportunities for evolving treatment tech in industrial wastewater," said Karen Sorber, CEO of Micronic. "His reputation as a seasoned investor with a keen ability to perceive market patterns and provide sober corporate advice is critical to the company as we expand. We are especially honored to have Cimbria partner with Micronic for achieving our growth."

Micronic's patented water purification technology - developed in collaboration with partners like the US Navy, USDA, EPA, and the Commonwealth of Virginia - generates near-total reduction in wastewater contamination and achieves near Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) affordably, efficiently, and effectively for targeted markets. Micronic is the recipient of several awards and accolades and was most recently selected as the Greater Washington's 2021 Clean Tech Innovator of the Year. Micronic is now focusing on commercializing its technology for the ZLD industrial wastewater market as water resources narrow and regulatory pressures mount.

"Unwavering in her leadership, Ms. Sorber has built Micronic into a company with a transformative technology positioned to profit from stringent regulations, surplus demand, and strong industrial markets," said Brian V. Iversen, Managing Partner of Cimbria Capital. "I'm excited to support Ms. Sorber's team on how to grow Micronic and gain powerful customers in profitable segments like food and beverages, petrochemicals, energy, and pharmaceuticals.

Industrial wastewater purification and reuse are more important than ever as American regulators, infrastructure planners, investors, and customers apply pressure to corporations to manage natural resources sustainably. Companies employing this technologic water purification innovation will benefit economically from this trend.

About Micronic Technologies: 
Micronic Technologies is a woman co-founded and led water-tech start-up commercializing a patented wastewater concentration technology, the Tornadic One-Pass™ (TOP™). The company specializes in treating ultra-high total dissolved solid (TDS) industrial wastewater for customers requiring near Zero-Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and water reuse innovation. Micronic is headquartered in Bristol, Virginia.

About Cimbria Capital:
Cimbria Capital is a private equity investment firm conducting growth capital buyout investments focused on the Water Economy in North America and the Nordics. Cimbria allocates capital to visionary companies and supports these businesses with operational expertise through its value-add Acceleration Program. Cimbria is headquartered in Houston, Texas; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Denmark.

To learn more about Micronic Technologies, please contact info@micronictechnologies.com 

Source: Micronic Technologies

About Cimbria Capital, LLC

About Cimbria Capital:
Cimbria Capital is a private equity investment firm based in United States and Denmark conducting growth and expansion capital investments in the Water Economy in North America and the Nordics.

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