EPA Hosts Micronic's TOP™ Water Technology

Micronic Technologies, a leading climate tech startup, announced today that its pioneering Tornadic One-PassTM (TOPTM) water technology will be featured at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Micronic enjoys a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with EPA's Center for Environmental Solutions and Emergency Response (CESER) in Cincinnati, Ohio. The EPA selected Micronic's water-cleaning technology because of the issues surrounding the disposal of water treatment residuals, such as the brine concentrate left over from reverse osmosis desalination processes, particularly in inland and/or arid regions. 

The EPA, which is investing substantial in-kind contributions, is using this project to test and improve its understanding of two key challenges central to their activities: (1) water evaporation from saline solutions, and (2) heat recovery in thermal desalination systems, including capital and operating costs of vapor compression heat recovery components. 

The partnership with the EPA is longstanding, dating back to 2018. EPA's Dr. Leland Vane (pictured on the left in the photograph) greatly enhanced design and engineering efforts since the start of the collaboration. Dr. Vane has coauthored a peer-reviewed scientific journal article published in Desalination journal in November 2021 on Micronic's technology.  Also pictured, center, Greg Redick, VP Manufacturing and Commercialization and, right, Tommy Davis, Micronic Plant Manager. Testing results will be analyzed and shared in a future follow-up article for publication.

"With $8M in development funding and 11 patents, Micronic is well poised to commercialize the technology. We are particularly excited about this milestone because it will offer an opportunity for customers to visit the facility for technology demonstrations and see our Tornadic One-Pass™ firsthand," said Karen Sorber, CEO, Micronic Technologies.

About Micronic
Micronic Technologies is a woman co-founded and led technology startup commercializing a patented wastewater concentration technology, the Tornadic One-Pass™ (TOP™). Micronic's TOP™ solution enables near zero liquid discharge (ZLD) by mechanically concentrating highly contaminated wastewater without the high CAPEX/OPEX and logistics supply chain of current evaporators. TOP™ is a closed-loop mechanical system using a turbulent flow to create micro-droplets of water, a small number of which carry out solids, allowing for extremely efficient evaporation and re-capture of clean water through condensation. 

The Center for Environmental Solutions & Emergency Response (CESER) plans, coordinates and conducts an applied, customer-driven, national research and development program to improve decision making by EPA, federal, state, tribal and local agencies, when faced with challenging environmental problems in the built environment.

Please contact ksorber@micronictechnologies.com if you'd like to learn more about Micronic Technologies. 

Source: Micronic Technologies

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