MiCamp Solutions Helps Mitigate Chargebacks and Fraud With Fully Integrated P2PE EMV Pay-at-the-Table Solution

MiCamp Solutions announces the first EMV solution for Legacy POS systems in 2016 with MiPOINT. MiPOINT is the nation's first P2PE, EMV compliant, pay-at-the-table solution that's compatible with legacy POS systems.

MiCamp Solutions, a national leader for effective payment processing technologies, has released the first EMV solution for legacy POS systems. Now, restaurants have the comprehensive solution needed to allow legacy POS systems, including MICROS, Aloha, and PosiTOUCH, to immediately become EMV compliant in 2016.

After the EMV deadline in October 2015, restaurants using legacy POS systems were left unprotected with many hardware and gateway compatibility issues to support a new EMV architecture. MiCamp Solutions, recognizing the need for an integrated solution and partnered with First Data and SoftPoint, created the nation’s first P2PE, EMV compliant, pay-at-the-table solution that’s compatible with legacy POS systems.

Through constant customer feedback and support of existing Enterprise customers, the development of MiPOINT fully supports an EMV compliant architecture with seamless integration to POS systems for mobile and pay-at-the-table transactions. As the first EMV solution for restaurants using legacy POS systems, MiPOINT supports MICROS, NCR Aloha, and PosiTOUCH.

“Our approach at MiCamp has always been to proactively support our merchants in every capacity that we can in an effort to make them more operationally functional,” said Micah Kinsler, Co-Founder and President of MiCamp Solutions. “This solution is NFC capable today and provides full encryption and tokenization through the First Data TransArmor gateway, which is PCI validated for Point-to-Point-encryption. This delivers the security our customers have come to expect while drastically reducing their current PCI scope.”

Not only does MiPOINT allow restaurants to adopt the security of EMV to reduce credit card fraud, but offers the ability to streamline restaurant operations with the support of NFC technology for Apple Pay, Google Wallet and others. With MiPOINT, restaurants benefit from pay-at-the-table solutions, decreased risk for chargebacks, and the prevention of liability charges from credit card fraud.

In an effort to provide restaurants with the gateway solution needed to step into the future with EMV, MiPOINT revolutionizes restaurant operations while enhancing the security of payment processing. This year, benefit from secure payment processing for legacy POS systems with MiPOINT. Contact MiCamp Solutions today to learn more about MIPOINT.

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MiCamp Solutions is an industry leader for providing state-of-the-art payment processing solutions to restaurants, including EMV technology, payment gateways and pay-at-the-table solutions. With the support of strong partnerships and extensive expertise in payment processing, MiCamp Solutions delivers proven technologies to support restaurant management and comprehensive payment processing solutions.

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