MiCamp Solutions Brings EMV Compliance to Miami's Tradewinds Bar & Grill With MiPOINT

​MiCamp Solutions, a recognized leader for EMV payment processing, helps Tradewinds Bar & Grill, a holiday cruise and tour company in Miami, Florida obtain EMV compliance using MiPOINT.  Without modifying existing processes or reporting, MiCamp has successfully installed MiPOINT into their MICROS POS system.

Tradewinds Bar and Grill, founded in 2007, is located at the historical Bayside Marketplace. The owners also manage and operate Island Queen Cruises, a staple of Miami has been enjoyed by locals and visitors for decades. With MiPOINT installed, customers at Tradewinds Bar can pay for services using secure EMV credit and debit cards.

According to Tradewinds Bar & Grill's Capt. Bob Bijur, “Miami was designated as ground zero for credit card fraud. The mall we operate out of announced all merchants had to become EMV complaint prior to mandatory roll-out. However, our POS software provider did not have a product ready for deployment.”

We have been running the MiPOINT system for several weeks and the results are looking good. The support is very responsive, offering upgrades quickly. We look forward to working with MiCamp on our other POS systems.

Capt. Bob Bijur

Operations, Engineering

MiCamp has the innovative capability and technology to create a secure EMV compliant payment solution. Using MiPOINT, Tradewinds Bar & Grill will now be able to bring their POS terminals to their customers for an improved, reassuring customer service experience. MiPOINT also comes equipped with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization, for combating credit card fraud, which is currently the highest level of security possible in card-present environments and a federal industry standard. Now customers of Tradewinds will be protected against credit card fraud at all locations where credit card payment is accepted.

Capt. Bijur further states that he queried other vendors who were not ready for the rollout and then he found out about MiCamp, which “allowed real-time syncing with our legacy Micros 3700 POS system running in our restaurant.” He notes that he’s happy with the results several weeks into installation, “the support is very responsive, offering fixes and upgrades quickly.” Not surprisingly, Tradewinds Bar & Grill intends to put MiCamp to good use on their other POS systems.

Since the October 2015 EMV liability shift, MiCamp has been a recognized leader in payment security solutions–protecting restaurants, hospitality, and retail businesses with complete EMV end-to-end solutions. Contact MiCamp Solutions to learn more about the MiPOINT EMV solution.

About MiCamp Solutions:

MiCamp Solutions is a trusted leader for payment processing solutions in restaurant, hospitality, and retail industries. Supported by extensive expertise, strong partnerships, and proven technologies, MiCamp Solutions offers the latest advancements in payment processing to increase security while maximizing business operations.


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MiCamp Solutions is a trusted leader for EMV payment processing solutions in restaurant, hospitality, and retail industries.

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