Miami Mold Specialists Overhauls HVAC Mold Removal Division

Influential South Florida mold removal co. Miami Mold Specialists enhances HVAC mold remediation protocols in advance of busy Spring season

Prominent South Florida mold remediation and indoor environmental service company Miami Mold Specialists updates HVAC mold remediation protocols, surpasses state- and industry-recommended guidelines.

Contrary to popular belief, if mold is discovered in an HVAC system in the state of Florida, the HVAC system needs to be cleaned by a state-certified mold remediation company. People that suffer from sensitivities to allergies and sickness stemming from exposure to excessive pollen, pet dander, mold, bacteria and viruses are all prime candidates for frequent recommended HVAC system cleaning and disinfecting treatments and should use reputable, state-licensed mold specialists.

There are many direct scientific connections highlighting toxic mold found in HVAC systems as leading causes of sick building syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and perpetual sickness.

A spokesperson for Miami Mold Specialists stated,"With our entire new line of the latest high-tech mold removal equipment, we have come up with what we believe is the perfect solution for properly removing mold while simultaneously disinfecting a contaminated HVAC system. C02 hydrogenation systems, dry ice thermal fogging, ULV particle foggers, state-of-the-art electrostatic disinfectant systems, specialized heavy-duty HVAC steam cleaning systems, hydroxyl generators, advanced HEPA air scrubbers, and Airbiotics are just some of Miami Mold Specialists latest 'secret weapons' utilized to combat toxic mold in HVAC systems."

The 2018 Florida Flu Season

Susceptibility to contracting the flu this year is a major concern for everyone. With the 2018 flu season still in full swing, coupled by an unusually high amount of seasonal pollen blowing through the air, taking proactive preventative measures such as scheduling an HVAC mold cleaning and disinfecting service would make a tremendous amount of "sense," especially in areas that received severe hurricane damage.

Official State of Florida 2018 Flu Season Reports

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