Miami Mold Specialist Launches New Environmental Consulting Service Division

South Florida-based indoor environmental services company, Miami Mold Specialists, announces the addition of mold consulting for residential, commercial and institutional developers, architects, engineers, builders and contractors.

Miami Mold Specialist

Every year, builders across the nation spend billions of dollars on call-backs to repair damages caused by substandard construction materials and/or substandard building practices. Research facilities, science laboratories, medical centers and hospitals also spend billions of dollars a year on balancing natural ecologies, keeping indoor air quality clean and pristine, and/or making certain the inside of labs are completely sterile.

With all of the technological advancements humanity has made over the years, we still struggle with managing risk and loss through use of archaic building materials and old building practices, outdated and inefficient infectious disease, and virus control practices; all of which could substantially improve through the integration of innovative-prevention methods of our time. Unfortunately, capitalism not only fuels innovation, but it can at times also extinguish innovations as well.

A spokesperson for Miami Mold Specialist stated, "We have recently launched a new consulting initiative specifically for dealing AC units, humidification, ventilation systems, soffit ventilation push and pull systems, specific water and mold resistant materials for certain parts of the house that are susceptible to excess water condensation, water intrusion, and water damage."

As such, Miami Mold Specialist, one of Florida's leading indoor environmental service  providers that primarily focuses on state-of-the-art and eco-friendly mold removal services, recently launched a new indoor environmental and mold consulting service division for subcontractors, builders, general contractors, mechanical contractors, architects, engineers, construction companies, HVAC system developers, commercial property developers  and management companies, institutional property developers, medical networks, research  facilities, along with many other related projects, circumstances, and situations.

According to Miami Mold Specialist's website, "With over 26 years of experience in the environmental and mold remediation industries, our senior specialists have gathered the adequate knowledge and research to provide clients with the necessary consulting for their projects. Our specialists will ensure that your project maintains the appropriate measures in compliance with EPA regulations for mold prevention. Project building measures are  essential in ensuring that a normal fungal ecology is met, therefore, we will provide you  with a scope of work, modifications, materials information and ventilation requirements."

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