Miami Mold Specialists Launches Anti-AOB Insurance Claim Abuse Initiative

Miami Mold Specialists Issues Public Statement About Predatory Contractor, Insurance Claims, and Assignment of Benefits Forms and Processes.

Miami Mold Specialists

Prominent indoor environmental service company, Miami Mold Specialists, announces a new public service campaign against contractors that abuse assignment of benefits insurance claims.

South Florida indoor air quality and mold remediation company, Miami Mold Specialists, recently launched yet another public awareness campaign, this time with a clear and concise public message to anyone filing a homeowners or commercial insurance claim; when it comes to signing over rights to a third party, never do it.

Similar to Morgan and Morgan and their public awareness campaign, we at Miami Mold Specialists believe that every property owner should understand the many intricacies of filing an insurance claim and to never sign over insurance benefits through the use of the Assignment of Benefits insurance form.
A. Katz
This public awareness campaign could not come at a better time. Many people are still dealing with the restoration efforts stemming from Hurricane Irma, waiting on insurance estimators, adjusters, companies and FEMA to push their full claims through. To make matters even worse, the massive influx of rebuilding, restoration, and new construction has attracted a wide range of contractors from all over the nation; some good, more bad.

These are just some of the main reasons why Miami Mold Specialists started their public awareness campaign for insurance claim rights. Unfortunately, most people are uneducated on insurance claim matters, and simply believe they will be taken care of should a catastrophe happen simply because they pay their monthly insurance bill. Furthermore, when it comes to the ins and outs of filing a homeowner or commercial insurance claim, the process can be exhausting, very stressful, and the amount of paperwork is insurmountable leaving the uninformed at the mercy of the system.

Signing over rights on an insurance claim is in most instances, not the best choice for this action. The form used to sign over rights on an insurance claim is called an AOB, or an assignment of benefits form. This form is used to basically make someone else or some entity the decision maker in a homeowners insurance claim.

In the mold remediation and water damage restoration industries, the AOB insurance claim form is used all too frequently by one too many "opportunistic" contractors.

"We at Miami Mold Specialists believe that every homeowner should understand the many intricacies of filing an insurance claim and to never sign over your benefits through the use of the AOB form. An increase in out of state firms as well as predatory contractors stealing money, not doing work, completing substandard work, inflating bills to file liens, etc. are just a few of the major problems a homeowner or business could potentially encounter," stated Marty Katz, Miami Mold Specialists operations manager.

Read more about the downsides of AOB insurance claims for water damage and mold on Miami Mold Specialists’ new assignment of benefits public awareness campaign page:

Find out more about Miami mold Specialists mold insurance claim process:

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