Miami-Based Startup Dorado is Pioneering a New Crypto-Native IRA Platform

Miami-based startup Dorado is launching the first crypto-native IRA software platform of its kind that will offer yield on digital assets within retirement accounts. The company will provide a retirement platform where customers can open an IRA and self-trade or stake the cryptocurrency of their choice. Dorado is collaborating with Prime Trust to provide these innovative offerings supported by its institutional-grade custody and security solutions.

Investing in digital assets through retirement accounts has been complicated, inefficient, and expensive through traditional means. The evolving financial landscape has the cryptocurrency and retirement community demanding a better solution. Dorado's software brings transparency and technology together to allow users to self trade, earn yield, and securely store digital assets within traditional or ROTH IRAs, or rollover a 401(k).

Dorado's IRA software will focus exclusively on crypto and digital assets. Set to launch in August of this year, the company provides investors the opportunity to invest, earn yield, and securely store cryptocurrencies within an IRA. Dorado is bridging a gap between the over $20 trillion in retirement savings and the digital asset ecosystem.

Dorado provides users the ability to own and explore digital assets in a seamless, compliant manner. By purchasing digital assets through its IRA, customers can gain exposure to a new asset class, diversify their retirement savings portfolios, and trade within the platform tax-free.

"If we've learned anything from the mass adoption and investment in digital assets over the past decade, it's that investors today value community and education," said Dorado Co-Founder and CEO, Gabriele Galli. "Retirement savings accounts like IRAs are some of the most powerful tools investors have to grow their nest egg, and Dorado is providing the space and technology for users of all experience levels to learn, grow and invest."

"The combined expertise of Dorado and Prime Trust will provide a new standard for what an IRA should provide customers," said Edward Chernick, Director of Institutional Sales for Prime Trust. "As US investors continue to adopt cryptocurrency into their portfolios, Dorado's offerings will create new opportunities for those using self-directed retirement services and help them further navigate the changing financial ecosystem."

Prime Trust is a financial infrastructure provider, offering a variety of different solutions that power the leading crypto exchanges, NFT creators, digital wallets, Alternative Trading Systems, RIAs, broker dealers, crowdfunding platforms, and neobanks. It will give Dorado the engine to provide its customers on-platform access to crypto so they can trade their assets securely and safely.

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About Dorado

Dorado is a platform and community where people can set up crypto-friendly retirement accounts and diversify their retirement savings into digital assets. Dorado's mission is to make investing into all types of digital assets with retirement savings simple, easy, and transparent. Visit us at and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Prime Trust

Prime Trust powers innovation in the digital economy by providing fintech and digital asset innovators with financial infrastructure. Through a full suite of APIs, we help clients build seamlessly, launch quickly, and scale securely. Regulated by the State of Nevada, Prime Trust processes hundreds of millions of API calls and settles billions of dollars of transactions per month. Prime Trust's team has extensive regulatory and financial services backgrounds from the OCC, SEC, Federal Reserve, US Department of Justice, US Treasury/Secret Service, JPMorgan Chase, Green Dot, American Express, PNC, Bank of America, and Visa. The company is recognized by Forbes as America's Best Startup Employer 2022 and is also Great Place to Work-Certified™ 2022. Prime Trust has also been named to CB Insights Blockchain 50 for 2022. Visit us at and connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Source: Dorado IRA