MHO Link Launches to Improve Dedicated Networks for Multi-Location Companies

A New Future of Work Service Launches for Close Proximity Locations

MHO Link Dedicated Wireless Internet Service

MHO, one of the leading dedicated fixed wireless and networking companies, announces multi-location technology services MHO Link and MHO Managed Link. These new services will improve data transfer and communication capabilities between close proximity teams and buildings.

When multi-functional teams are not in one location, it becomes challenging to communicate and complete projects. MHO Link and MHO Managed Link allows IT teams to have control over a custom, private network by installing millimeter wave technology between buildings. The service benefits organizations by having minimal build costs, speedy install, and eliminating cable cut concerns. 

"As the future of work continues to evolve, so does the need for a diverse and dedicated data network," says Kevin Schwickrath, Lead Network Engineer from MHO. "We created MHO Link to fill the need for an easy high-performance alternative to using dedicated fiber lines between buildings in close proximity."

MHO Link is ideal for businesses that have the following challenges:

  • Need to extend a current connection from one location to another.
  • Have multiple teams on a business campus that need to connect.
  • Need true redundancy to fiber between buildings.
  • Have an urgent timeline needing expedited install within days, not weeks or months.
  • Need scalable, cost-effective managed service.
  • Need to alleviate the burden of costs and long time frames of a fiber build out.

In addition, MHO Managed Link is an expanded support option for companies in need of a skilled team that actively monitors, maintains, and can troubleshoot in real-time. This service is monitored by MHO's lead engineers, giving many companies peace of mind that their data and communications will be maintained at the highest level of performance and uptime. 

About MHO

MHO is an Internet and data solutions provider with the nation's largest network of FCC-licensed Point-to-Point microwave technology. MHO installs solutions within days, offering high-speed data services, unmatched scalability, complete path redundancy, guaranteed network performance and 99.99% reliability. As an alternative to traditional terrestrial carriers, MHO's highly skilled engineering team focuses on the latest technology providing ultra-responsive 24/7 support to create an elevated customer experience. Currently, MHO serves the Denver Metro Areas, Dallas Metroplex, San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California regions. For the latest information and coverage maps, visit or MHO's LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages. 

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Source: MHO