MGK Marketing Kick-Starting 2016 After Rejuvenating Holiday

The MGK Marketing team is getting 2016 started with a major productivity enhancement push. Erica, the company's CEO, indicated that her team is feeling energized after the holidays and preparing to make this year a big one.

​The marketing executives at MGK Marketing are energized and ready for 2016. According to Erica, they have made the most of the holiday season in order to rejuvenate and refocus. With renewed drive, they are working hard to fine tune their productivity and get organized. These efforts, Erica explained, are to ensure that the coming year will be as successful as possible.

“There is only so much time each day,” she said. “We want to make the most of the hours we have. For example, we break up the routine by changing meeting formats, working in new spaces, and getting out of the office. This helps keep our minds fresh and focused. We also have made a habit of dedicating specific time for matters like emails and responding to calls.”

"We have also found that making lists is a valuable exercise,"

Erica , CEO

According to Erica, taking purposeful control of their time has helped MGK Marketing team members achieve some impressive ends. The company’s history of innovative campaigns supports this claim. She indicated that being productive is usually about simple changes which require some serious effort to implement.

MGK Marketing’s CEO on Getting Her Team Organized

Erica stated that organization is essential for continued success. Although MGK Marketing is already a well-oiled machine, there is always room for improvement, she asserted. Part of this process has been diligently purging their desks after the holidays. By starting out the year with freshly reorganized workspaces, the firm’s associates hope to set the tone for the coming months.

“We have also found that making lists is a valuable exercise,” Erica said. “Most people have to-do lists, which is great. However, we have found that writing down long-term goals is just as useful. Additionally, we like to create mind maps of different problems we are facing. Writing things down helps to keep all of those thoughts organized.”

She added that creating processes and selecting tools that will facilitate productive and organized work is essential. Erica explained that these decisions should follow the goals set by the team and fit into the natural flow of the team’s work.

“The goal with every procedural improvement should be to better empower the people,” she continued. “If a change is going to be disruptive, there had better be a really good reason for making it.”

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