Goblies Paint Ball Production Expands at SoBeCoWorks South Bethlehem

Mezzimatic Expands Production for Goblies Throwable Paint Balls

Throwable Paint Balls by Goblies Gets More Manufacturing Space at SoBe Co Works

Lehigh Valley-based toy maker Mezzimatic LLC has quadrupled its manufacturing operations at SoBeCoWorks, a South Bethlehem co-working space. The announcement was made by Santiago Rivera, founder of SoBeCoWorks and 25-year-old Briana Gardell, owner of Mezzimatic.

Mezzimatic Inc. was launched in May 2015 by Gardell, a Lehigh University, Master’s of Technical Entrepreneurship graduate. Mezzimatic manufactures Goblies, a washable, vegan paintball product.  In 2016, CNBC Named Goblies one of the Hottest Toys at the New York City Toy Fair. 

"Briana is poised to continue to expand her business into new markets," says Rivera, recalling the day he met Briana, who started with a shared desk at SoBeCoWorks.

Santiago Rivera , Founder, SoBe CoWorks

Gardell expects substantial, continued growth for the Goblies paintball product line, in addition to other Mezzimatic toys products on the design board.

In a separate announcement, Matthew Barrett has joined Mezzimatic as Partner and Chief Operating Officer (COO). The company has also hired several part-time employees. 

Matthew Barrett received both a Master’s (’16) and Bachelor Degree (’14) in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University. He was previously employed as Control Systems Engineer at Custom Processing Services, Reading, PA.  He joined Mezzimatic LLC full-time in March 2017.  

  "Briana is poised to continue to expand her business into new markets," says Rivera, recalling the day he met Briana, who started with a shared desk at SoBeCoWorks. 

Gardell became a full-time member at SoBeCoWorks the day after graduation from Lehigh University Master's Degree program in Technical Entrepreneurship in May 2015. 

"I can remember driving to SoBeCoWorks the day after graduation from my grad school program, and then I drove to Harrisburg for my LLC," recalls Gardell,  principal of Mezzimatic, the parent company for Goblies. 

"The power of collaboration and co-working really comes together at SoBeCoWorks," says Gardell.  Says artist Tina Cantelmi, who met Gardell at SoBe CoWorks, "The moment I saw Goblies being manufactured at the co-working space I knew there was an application for them in the fine art market." Cantelmi has an exhibit that includes several large mixed media paintings using Goblies through May 31 at Edge Restaurant, Bethlehem, PA.  

SoBeCoWorks is a member supported business incubator where member companies have an opportunity to build their businesses in a flexible space environment. For more information about SoBeCoWorks call 610-861-2700, or email Santiago@sobecoworks.com.   

To contact Briana Gardell email Briana@goblies.com

Source: Mezzimatic LLC

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