Judith Adele Agentis Charitable Foundation Debuts Fine Jewelry to Benefit Hospice Meals, Early Cancer Detection

Filling the final needs of those in hospice care.

Judie's Heart Collection Helps Benefit Hospice Meal Deliveries

The Judith Adele Agentis Charitable Foundation (JAACF), a Lehigh Valley-based non-profit, has launched the Judie’s Heart Collection, a line of fine silver jewelry on Etsy. The jewelry is also available at Musselman Fine Jewelers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

The announcement was made by Robert Agentis, founder and chairman of JAACF. “We wanted to create a line of jewelry that can help commemorate a loved one. Proceeds also fund the continued delivery of weekly meals to families holding a vigil at hospice house,” says Agentis. To date, JAACF has donated more than 15,000 meals to St. Luke's Hospice House in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

The collection currently includes eight handcrafted sterling silver pieces featuring the signature design: two ribbons entwined with a heart. The trademarked designs were co-designed by Robert Agentis and Randi Keeler-Sigafoos, jewelry and bench designer, Musselman Jewelers, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Fill the final needs of those in hospice care. With each generous donation, givers will receive their choice of handcrafted sterling jewelry co-designed by the founder of Judith Adele Agentis Charitable Foundation.

About JAACF -

The Judith Adele Agentis Charitable Foundation was founded in 2013 when Robert Agentis lost his wife to pancreatic cancer. During his time at the hospice, he noticed many families and staff members were unable to enjoy a proper meal. “Judie’s Table” provides meals to families spending precious last moments with their loved ones in hospice care. Meals are donated thanks to supporters of JAACF and by local restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores. Volunteers pick up and deliver these meals each week. Money raised also funds early cancer detection and education.

For more information about JAACF, visit www.JAACF.org. To find this collection on Etsy, https://etsy.me/2QCFPam. Follow us on Facebook at Judith Adele Agentis Charitable Foundation. On Instagram, @judithadeleagentis, and on Pinterest at @Judie’sHeart. Email us for inquiries, ba.jaacf@gmail.com.

Source: Judith Adele Agentis Charitable Foundation


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