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National School Saftey - Metal Defender

Metal Defender Inc. showcased its brand-new patent pending XLD-H walk-through metal detector at the National School Safety Conference and Exposition in Orlando Florida this month. With its revolutionary new design Metal Defender realized that it would be the perfect affordable solution for schools. With the nation's schools all looking to bolster security measures, Metal Defender was surprised to find that it was the only established Walk-Through Metal Detector brand on site.

The National School Safety Conference featured a lot of unique products on how to protect schools if a gunman got in, but there were very few options showcasing preventative measures for weapons and stopping them from getting into schools in the first place. Metal Defender prides itself on providing a security measure that would not only act as a deterrent for a gunman but also allow school resource officers and other parties involved be able to detect a weapon before damage was to be inflicted. There are very few ways to stop someone who wishes to cause harm and damage to those around them but being the first line of defense is critical in ensuring that nothing happens.

Metal Defender’s new model the XLD-H functions as a walk-through metal detector with the programming and functions all isolated into the standing legs. With no overhead module the flexibility of the unit is outstanding, sporting a max width of 46” this allows the unit to operate at widths currently unheard of on the market. This unit not only ensures that no one is entering onto school grounds with contraband but also due to the lack of an overhead module provides a non-intrusive metal detection option for schools throughout America.

Keeping the nation safe has always been Metal Defenders goal. Metal Defender was asked to do an interview with Good Morning America in which it showcased the XLD-H as well as their ability to protect schools. Through the interview, Metal Defender was able to not only demonstrate how the product looks but also show off the functionality on how it would work if a weapon was brought onto school grounds. Good Morning America’s segment on the National School Safety Conference will be airing in the coming days. For an example of how the product works, be sure to tune in.

John O’Reily an attendee of the National School Safety Conference had this to say about Metal Defender; “As a nation, we need to find solutions before it’s too late, it’s only a matter of time until the next event transpires, and you don’t want to be caught off-guard and unprepared. I know I’ll feel safer and my students will feel safer with security measures like Metal Detectors put into place.”

Metal Defender understands the Metal Detectors will not completely deter all vindictive people, so they also provide free consultations as to what to do during a tragedy and what actions to take to ensure proper security checkpoints are set-up. General Manager Donald Sweeney Jr. always had this message for people “Being prepared is the best thing you can do, not only for yourself but for the safety and security of your students as they are the nations’ future leaders.”

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