"Met Port": Check Balance, or Add Money to a MetroCard Anywhere

​Public transportation users know how important it is to have money on your MetroCard at any time. The Met Port is a compact, portable electronic device that allows users to check balances, and add funds to a public transportation account card from almost anywhere. The Met Port would be slightly larger than a credit card, and offer a LCD screen for displaying the information contained within your card. A keypad would be available on the unit, and an on/off switch, and charging port. On screen options on the Met Port would include the card balance, and the ability to take payments for increasing funds. You would only have to purchase a Met Port unit and swipe any existing MetroCard, and the display would show your current balance. If you want to add more, just swipe your credit or debit card and the amount chosen would be added to your balance.

The Met Port will provide metro commuters with a much more organized and convenient method of card management, and payment. By providing an instant notification of your card balance, it would save commuters time and hassle required to check a card at a station, as well as the hassle of carrying multiple cards. There would be no more having to stand in a line at a kiosk or window just to have your card replenished. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Met Port.

The Patent Pending Met Port was invented by Sherri McCrae and Dellon Forde of Brooklyn, NY who said, “With this unit, you wouldn't have to have multiple cards with you, and you would never run out of funds on your card, or have to deal with the inconvenience of standing in lines to add money to your MetroCard.”

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