Mental Health Technologies Announces Alliance With Meditab Software

MHT Spearheads Innovation through EHR Company Partnership

Mental Health Technologies Announces Alliance with Meditab Software

Mental Health Technologies (MHT) is excited to announce its partnership with leading healthcare solutions provider Meditab Software and its all-inclusive EHR system, Intelligent Medical Software (IMS).

MHT is an award-winning SaaS company that provides automated behavioral health assessments directly to patients on behalf of their healthcare provider. MHT's intuitive software sends assessments directly to the patient's email or phone, convenient for the patient and a time-saving measure for the physician.

A commanding software on its own, MHT increases its dominance by partnering with Meditab's Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), one of the country's most respected EHR systems. Meditab services over 41,000 healthcare professionals, 1,600 clinics, and 40 specialties.

This collaboration brings advanced resources to medical professionals by streamlining patient assessments with a sophisticated EHR, practice management, billing, and all-encompassing office management program into one intelligent and seamless system. Combining these industry-leading software systems automates time-consuming workflows, removing manual administrative intervention.

Dr. Peyman Palavan, Medical Director at Broadway Medical Center and client of both parties, says, "The facilitation of these companies brings a cutting-edge technology to the medical field. Their integration is going to provide a lot of relief to busy medical practices and create a synergy like we've never seen." He adds, "I'm excited to be a part of this partnership and have already seen how much our office and patient experience has improved." 

A compelling aspect of this partnership is seeing MHT's patent-pending SmarTest in use. This technology uses progressive intellect alongside historical patient data to determine when and how an individual should be tested for various mental health conditions. SmarTest can base its decisions on patient information such as age, gender, or other demographics. Each clinic or provider group can define its own system of rules for how they want SmarTest to work.

The MHT and Meditab integration offers clinicians:

  • Improved patient outcomes - MHT sends patients their assessments beforehand, allowing for more thoughtful and honest answers. This benefit guides clinicians to make a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Automated referrals - MHT sends referrals for patients that need behavioral health assistance directly to their partner provider. This is predetermined based on criteria that the clinicians set up and requires no administrative intervention from the referring provider.
  • Configured follow-ups - Through SmarTest's intelligent design, clinicians determine how they would like to follow up with subsequent testing based on test results or demographics. 
  • Saved time - Results are automatically uploaded into IMS once the patient completes their screening with no manual work. 
  • Increased revenue - This collaboration automates data collection on your behalf and incorporates billing within the same flawless system, creating an environment where the provider can focus on patient interaction to determine the best treatment protocol. 
  • Feedback - MHT and Meditab provide clients with superb customer service and work to innovate the latest technology based on their needs. 

Source: Mental Health Technologies