Mental Health Technologies (MHT) Patents SmarTest™ Technology

Automate Behavioral Health and Substance Use Screening Through MHT's SmarTest™ Platform.

Mental Health Technologies (MHT) is excited to announce its patented technology, SmarTest™. This cutting-edge software is a game changer for behavioral health screening. Not only does this AI-based technology automate the entire testing process, but also automatically writes the results directly into any EMR and sends referrals to a behavioral health partner instantly.

What sets SmarTest™ apart?

SmarTest™ uses Machine Learning and is customizable based on your practice’s screening requirements. Your providers define when and how a patient should be screened for various behavioral health conditions. You can set your testing parameters based on a patient’s gender, age, previous test scores, appointment details, insurance, and more. Additionally, SmarTest™ can automatically write test scores into any EMR and indicate abnormal results. For example, if a patient indicated suicidal tendencies on the PHQ-9, those test results can be highlighted. A unique feature of SmarTest™ is the URL redirect – you can redirect patients to any URL upon assessment completion. It can be used for provider reviews, information about advanced treatment options, or can even redirect patients to the 988 Suicide Hotline. 

How can MHT bridge the gap between primary care and behavioral health care? 

With MHT’s SmarTest™ technology, our platform can ask patients conditional questions based on their responses to each question and overall test score. For example, if a patient scores 10+ on a PHQ-9, SmarTest™ can ask an additional question asking the patient if they would like to speak with a predetermined behavioral health partner. Upon obtaining consent from the patient, SmarTest™ can send the care coordinator an alert instantly. We understand that screening for behavioral health conditions can uncover a large patient population struggling with their mental health, so with our SmarTest™ technology, we are able to provide a seamless solution to help provide better care and health outcomes for patients. 

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Source: Mental Health Technologies