Membrain's New Content Hub Intelligently Arms Salespeople to Improve Sales Effectiveness

Membrain has launched its new Content Hub today, providing organizations a frictionless way to arm salespeople with the training content and sales collateral they need, when they need it.

Membrain Content Hub

The Content Hub solves the age-old problem that salespeople have a hard time finding the right type of content when they need it, or worse, use outdated content that they have stored on their desktops. It simultaneously addresses the issue of marketing not knowing which content is being used, and what is most effective in increasing sales effectiveness.

In contrast to most sales enablement software designed to manage content, Membrain’s integrated Content Hub makes content easy to access and use directly from inside the salesperson’s sales process workflow.

Membrain's addition of content enablement and their holistic approach to sales enablement is exciting for that reason and more.

Nancy Nardin, Creator of the Sales Tech Landscape

“Most sales content systems are external point solutions that have been bolted onto traditional CRM systems, with limited contextual knowledge. They take salespeople out of best practice workflows, and ultimately are less effective,” says George Bronten, founder and president of Membrain. “We believe content enablement is key to sales effectiveness, so we’ve built it directly into the salesperson’s workflow and included it seamlessly in our core product.”

The Content Hub is a central location for all sales-related content, including both training and sales collateral. Training content can include videos, templates, call scripts, battle cards, and more. The Content Hub delivers this content in context, as needed by each salesperson, reinforcing training so that skills become second nature over time.

Sales collateral can include white papers, case studies, ROI calculators, demonstrations, videos, and more. The Content Hub suggests collateral intelligently and serves it up exactly when your salespeople can use it most effectively, based on the sales context, engagement, and more.

Salespeople never have to leave their workflow to access and share collateral, making it simple and intuitive for them to use the right materials at the right times. This streamlines workflows while ensuring that the organization speaks with greater coherence and consistency with prospects and clients.

"Too many sales tools stacked on top of traditional CRM systems can slow sales teams down,” says Nancy Nardin, leading sales technology expert and founder of Smart Selling Tools. “Membrain's addition of content enablement and their holistic approach to sales enablement is exciting for that reason and more.”

Additionally, the Content Hub tracks engagement so that you know when recipients interact with your content. Users and content administrators can see what is shared and what content is having the greatest impact on your sales numbers. Content that is shown to be most helpful and moves the needle on sales effectiveness is intelligently recommended more often by the Content Hub’s machine learning algorithms.

Membrain and its integrated Content Hub can be easily customized to fit each organization’s unique sales strategy and methodology. It guides salespeople through the correct sales process, tracks all of the relevant information for each deal, and provides them with the content they need, when they need it, to close more deals. Demonstrations are available by contacting

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