Membrain Removes Barrier of Price for Their CRM

Your CRM Sucks

As part of its mission to elevate the sales profession, Membrain, a CRM for complex b2b sales that focuses on behaviors instead of data, has removed the barrier of price and is now offering their product for free. The aim is to give salespeople, sales leaders, and company leaders seeking an alternative to traditional CRMs an opportunity to codify and scale successful behaviors without the time limitation generally found in free versions of software. 

Currently CRMs are complicated, unintuitive and focused on logging data, not driving behaviors. Which is why the evolution of sales enablement and sales operations that led companies to focus on a more structured orchestration of sales execution has now made the primary use for CRM outdated. 

"We believe most CRMs suck and offered a limited time trial in order to help elevate the sales profession, but it didn't give a fair chance to businesses who don't have their sales process mapped out. By removing the time barrier to use our software, companies can now explore the impact assumptions like 'salespeople know how to sell and should log what they have done' in order to really learn how our platform can help them drive the right behavior to make how they sell into their competitive advantage." - George Brontén, CEO

They also cost a lot more than people realize as recent data shows that for every $1 teams spend on CRM, they spend about $6 on plugins. As the cost grows, so too does the complexity, as salespeople are forced to use other applications to send email, schedule appointments, or take notes. Also, recent research by Nucleus found that 51% of Salesforce customers would switch to another CRM solution if given the opportunity.

Instead of a CRM becoming a data graveyard, Membrain believes what salespeople really need is an all-in-one tool that comes alive with customizable workflows, enablement, data insights and coaching. Giving salespeople and their managers everything they need to flow effortlessly through their days is the heart of Membrain and what they are now offering for free.

Cornerstones of Membrain's selling philosophy:

  • Be personal
  • Drive the right behavior with sales and training content
  • Elevate your people with coaching 
  • Continually improve your strategy and process 

These are embedded within their three separate workflows, prospectingopportunity management, and account growth making it easy for leaders to build processes with milestones, stages, steps, and checklists. Training and enablement content can be associated with each part of the workflow, and their powerful analytics tools enable managers to easily see where salespeople need help with individual opportunities or with processes, skills, and abilities.

Membrain Free is available today and allows up to 3 Full users & 5 Lite users with up to 500 prospects, 50 sales projects and 25 Account Growth projects. Integrations for O365 & Google, and Zapier allowed. All others require a paid plan.

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