Membrain's New Account Growth Module Helps Companies Drive Growth With Existing Customers

Membrain's new module focuses on growing existing customers by simplifying account segmentation, planning, and execution. The software update provides a streamlined experience that helps teams to consolidate and visualize information, plan effectively, and go from plan to execution in a collaborative way.

Membrain Account Growth Grid

​​​The new tools will help identify at a glance which accounts are poised for growth and where to focus attention. Flexible dashboards pull together relevant data from across the marketing, sales, and customer success life cycle to deliver insights and serve up information in a collaborative user interface. Membrain’s native process tools then make it easy to create informative and actionable checklists, and step-by-step guidance directly within the users’ workflows so that execution becomes simplified and seamless.

“Organizations have long believed that traditional CRM systems will lead to improved sales effectiveness and customer retention, but that’s an incorrect assumption,” says George Brontén, Founder & CEO of Membrain. “CRM systems assume that users know what to do and should just log what they’ve done. Membrain believes in elevating teams with a ground-up approach, creating a system that sets them up for success. Our new module takes that one step further, overcoming many of the hurdles that have stood in the way of account growth in the past.”

One of the most anticipated features is the new account grid view that dynamically ranks accounts on an X and Y axis, measuring account value and untapped potential. The at-a-glance approach provides companies and customer-facing team members a quick way to see which accounts have the most room for growth, providing fast guidance to determine where the team’s focus needs to be. Interactive and dynamic, the grid evolves and changes over time based on real-time changes in an account’s activity, position, and other relevant metrics established by the company.

From the grid, users can quickly access each account’s customizable dashboard, which provides a clear glimpse of the most important information. They can display scorecards, key stakeholders, purchase history, and any other information identified as important by the teams. The versatility of these dashboards ensures that teams can be fully informed of an account’s status in just a few clicks.

Brontén adds, “We want to help companies to increase their effectiveness. Simplifying account growth planning is key, but it’s also important that the plans are easily actionable, so that all those great ideas developed during planning translate into direct action. It was a priority to ensure that our new module helps integrate those plans with team members’ workflow, so across departments, everyone is on the same page and everyone’s goals are aligned.”

The new account growth module is integrated with Membrain’s prospecting and opportunity management modules, as well as all of its native CRM, process, methodology, productivity, and content enablement tools, making it easy for teams from marketing to sales to customer success to collaborate and create a seamless customer experience.

The new module is now available for purchase. To learn more about how it might help increase the effectiveness of your teams, visit for a free trial today.

Source: Membrain