Membrain Partners With DecisionLink to Drive Better Value Conversations

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A new partnership between DecisionLink and Membrain will make it easier for sales teams to consistently have substantive value conversations with prospects at every stage of the sales process, increasing both deal values and win rates.

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud™  platform guides salespeople through an easy-to-use workflow about a given opportunity and then produces customized, visually appealing assets that can be used to drive value conversations with the prospect and ultimately justify the seller’s proposal. This process, which used to take several experts and significant effort, is made fast and easy by DecisionLink’s cloud-based application built on a proprietary database of hundreds of pre-set “value objects,” which in turn are based on in-depth industry knowledge.

These tools together will help salespeople increase deal values and win more deals.

Jim Berryhill, DecisionLink CEO

Combined with Membrain’s sales effectiveness platform, which guides salespeople through an informative and actionable sales process and methodology, this will ensure a structured and value-based sales approach in every sales opportunity by every salesperson. An additional benefit of using the Membrain/DecisionLink combination is that it creates valuable touch points for salespeople to build relationships, respond to emerging opportunities and learn more about the prospect’s business, positively differentiating sellers in today’s fierce competitive landscape.

“We love the way DecisionLink makes value conversations easier and more visual,” says George Brontén, founder and president of Membrain. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer it to our partners and customers as a value-added solution.”

“Membrain’s platform is a great fit for our customers who are involved in a complex b2b sales environment,” says Jim Berryhill, CEO and founder of DecisionLink. “These tools together will help salespeople increase deal values and win more deals .”

About Membrain

With clients in over 60 countries, Membrain™ is the No. 1 sales effectiveness platform for teams working with complex sales. Membrain makes it easy for sales teams to execute their sales strategy to achieve consistent sales performance. The software provides sales professionals with continuous guidance through the entire sales process, while enabling sales leaders to coach their team to a higher level of performance. Continually optimize sales execution and elevate salespeople to become a competitive advantage. Membrain has won multiple awards, including the Top Sales Awards and is ranked as a Top Performer by G2Crowd. For more information, visit Chat with us on Twitter and follow us on LinkedIn. Feel free to sign up for our award-winning blog The Art & Science of Complex Sales.

About DecisionLink

DecisionLink ValueCloud™ is the first enterprise-class application for value selling in the sales, marketing and customer care markets. We enable sellers to be “smart about their accounts and specific about their value.” ValueCloud™ automates the processes required to understand, quantify and articulate value for each prospective buyer. In just a few minutes, ValueCloud™ produces a variety of assets such as ROI detail, Challenger scripts, competitive differentiation, pitch decks and more, articulating the seller’s specific, differentiated value for every deal and every customer. The result is what every business wants - a bigger pipeline, higher level of engagement, improved close rates, higher deal values and reduced churn.

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