Membrain Listed as Top 10 Sales Enablement Vendor for 2020

Selling Power's Top 10 Sales Enablement Vendors Award

Membrain, the award-winning software, has for the third year now received a listing on Selling Power's Top 10 Sales Enablement Vendors, the list recognizes 2020's most recommended sales enablement technology on the market.

”It is satisfying to be acknowledged as a leading sales enablement software, considering how highly competitive the playing field is, and it shows us how our diligence to enhance the sales profession is noticed,” says George Brontén, Founder and CEO of Membrain.

"Being recognized like this is a motivation booster for any team that wants to push the boundaries of how to grow with customers. Our success is linked to our understanding that complex business-to-business selling requires human creativity, empathy, and business acumen. This is why our software focuses on helping salespeople develop these skills through a tailored sales process with embedded tools and skills." - George B. 

With clients in over 80 countries, Membrain is the award-winning Sales Enablement CRM for teams working with complex B2B sales. Membrain makes it easy for sales teams to execute their sales strategy to achieve consistent sales performance. The software provides sales professionals with continuous guidance through the entire sales process, while enabling sales leaders to coach their team to a higher level of performance. Continually optimize your sales execution and elevate your salespeople to become a competitive advantage. Membrain has won multiple awards, including the Top Sales Awards and is ranked as a Top Performer by G2 Crowd in four categories. For more information, visit Chat with us on Twitter and follow us on LinkedIn. Also, sign up for our award-winning blog The Art & Science of Complex Sales.

Source: Membrain