Membrain and ProSales Consulting Announce Sales Execution as a Service

Membrain, a global sales enablement software company, and ProSales Consulting, a sales strategy, and training company focused on sales transformations, today announced a partnership to offer b2b selling companies a joint offering combining sales strategy and process design, training and change leadership support through embedded sales enablement technology.

Sales Execution as a Service

Increasing sales effectiveness is not as simple as just creating a new sales strategy. Or just buying a new piece of technology. Sales teams also need a well-designed sales process, the right skills, and change leadership to execute a sales transformation project. The partnership addresses this challenge by combining ProSales’ know-how and experiences: from strategy, over process design, to change leadership, with Membrain’s award-winning sales enablement technology, to make sales transformation a reality in daily operations.

“Our clients are asking for more than strategy design, process development, and sales training. They want to drive meaningful change quicker, at an investment aligned with actual enhancements and with technology to systemize change dynamically integrated. This requires a new approach. Membrain’s philosophy to marry theory and practice in a technology platform is the perfect choice to make this happen. We’re excited about how we can now help customers hit the ground running faster and more effectively than ever,” says Henrik Munthe, CEO of ProSales Consulting.

“Too many companies buy the latest shiny object hoping that it will improve sales performance: a new sales tool; a new sales strategy; the latest sales methodology training. As a result of this ad-hoc approach to sales strategy and execution, they fail to achieve consistent performance improvements and behavior change. It is time to change that. With this joint offering, customers get strategy, process, tools, and change leadership in one package, to a fixed monthly fee. This is the first offering of its kind and I look forward to helping many organizations elevate their sales efforts by taking advantage of it,” says George Brontén, CEO of Membrain.

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