Melbourne Plumber Reveals the Most Common Issues Found in Home Inspections

Regular home inspections performed by a professional plumber are an important part of any home maintenance routine. Identifying issues early on can save the homeowner money on costly repairs down the track and ensure a comfortable living environment where everything is running properly.


 NLK Plumbing, a local plumber in Essendon, says one of the most common issues they see in homes is blocked drains. They are frequently asked by homeowners how to tell if the drains are blocked and explain that there are usually plenty of warning signs. From overpowering odours to water that is slow to drain and gurgling sounds coming from the plumbing, it is important not to ignore anything that isn't quite right.

While sometimes the issue might be obvious, a lot of the time the issue is further down the pipes. Blocked drains in Melbourne can be caused by garbage and leaves that might have made their way into the pipework and become stuck, or there could be age-related wear and tear, or tree roots growing into the water supply.

NLK Plumbing advises homeowners to regularly clean out materials from the drains, use drain catchers and not put anything down the sink or toilet that could lead to blocked drains. They say that trying to rectify any issues with home remedies can lead to more costly repairs later on, so it is important to call in the experts.

As a professional plumber in Williamstown, NLK Plumbing also regularly takes care of hot water repairs in Melbourne. Many homeowners put up with cold showers or poor water pressure because they are worried about the costs associated with purchasing a new hot water system. By having the system regularly inspected by a licensed technician, any issues can often be resolved without the need to replace the unit.

Problems to be aware of when it comes to a hot water system include leaks, rusty-coloured water, a lack of hot water or no hot water at all. Unit repairs should be conducted as soon as the issue arises to save the homeowner money.

Blocked drains and hot water system issues are a common problem for many households in Melbourne, but with regular inspections and maintenance performed by a professional plumber, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing everything is running to its maximum potential.

Source: NLK Plumbing