Meet the Improved Maestro Collection by Magniflex

This year Magniflex launched the updated Maestro collection, the ultimate in craftsmanship & comfort. With Maestro Dual 14, tradition and innovation meet here, offering the best from the ancient techniques and enrich them with new innovative foams and technologies. An elegant, refined design makes it a true masterpiece in the Magniflex lineup.

The Maestro Collection resembles the Tuscan design with skillful craft skills of Prato, the world capital of fabrics and the ever-evolving sleep technologies. The Maestro Collection features Dual Core Technology, has Soft to Medium Soft comfort, is 14’’ high, Warm/Cool side to offer the perfect comfort level all year round. The winter side keeps you warm during the colder months using cashmere, merino wool. Alternatively, the summer side is built with silk and linen to keep you cool during the summer months. The mattress cover, in shiny viscose, is embellished by a luxurious motif.

The core of the luxury line is Memoform, Magniflex’s unique formulation cradles your spine and relieves all pressure points. This unique model also features the Aquabreeze, a high-density foam that promotes airflow and guarantees better breathability as well as durability. Maestro Dual 14 features mallow foam, a unique formula that used the extract from the mallow plant to provide plushness with calming and soothing properties. What is also unique about this model is the reinforced foam rails that provide more support on the mattress edges.

Born in a small workshop near Florence, Magniflex is now the largest Italian mattress manufacturer with distribution in 98 countries, where it has been a global leader in foam technology for over 50 years.

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Founded in 1962 in Prato, Italy, Magniflex combines the craft skills of Prato, the world capital of fabrics, with new ideas about sleep and wellbeing. Today Magniflex is one of the most recognized mattress brands in the world.

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