Meet Evry Kids, the Safest Browser for Kids

Evry Kids is the world's first mobile browser application that enables parents to chat with their children on any web page during browsing and filter unsafe web contents by monitoring their children's web browsing experience.

Fulldive launches Evry Kids, a mobile browser application that allows parents to chat with kids on any website and provides a safer search browsing through content filtering.

The pioneering mobile VR platform Fulldive announced the launch of Evry Kids today, a mobile application which aims to bring parents and kids closer during web browsing.

Designed to give parents a safe and secure way of filtering the content, Evry Kids is a mobile application for those who care about their children’s safety during browsing.

Just like any other browser, Evry Kids allows users to surf the web, with an additional feature where parents and children can interactively comment and start discussions directly on any website. This is a beneficial feature for parents to explain things that matter to their children.

Besides, parents can control their children's search by filtering out unsafe web content for a safer search. Parents can integrate feeds into Evry Kids, such as children's entertainment sites, for example, YouTube Kids channels, or any educational sources like National Geographic Kids, or Discovery Kids, which makes it easier to view all the children's favorite content in one place, as well as sharing, commenting, and tagging friends.

The application has been launched as a beta version which is now open to the public. Some of the features mentioned above are still being developed.

Evry Kids co-founder and CEO, Yosen Utomo, said, “Children needs both fun and safe web browsing experience. We started developing Evry Kids with kids in mind. We ensure a safe Internet search for our kids, and if they see any inappropriate content, we are able to be right there beside them and teach them the right way.”

Evry Kids Head of Marketing, Eugene Berlin, also said, “This is our chance to create a closer connection between parents and their kids in this post-millennial era.”

Key features of Evry Kids:

  • Chat and discuss with kids on any website
  • Manage home page feeds with interactive content and to make their discovery of the internet safe
  • Fast web browser with built-in ad blocker

To download Evry Kids, visit:

About Evry Kids:

The Evry Kids team is comprised of designers and engineers from Apple, Google, Pinterest, and Tesla, and the founders, Eddie and Yosen, are Berkeley grads who previously launched Fulldive VR, the most downloaded virtual reality application on Google Play with nearly 12 million downloads.

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Source: Fulldive


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