Meet Enigmatos: The Startup That is Gaining Worldwide Attention

The automotive cyber security company is being recognized for its breakthrough technology in the biggest auto events in Europe

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As the car industry moves towards interconnected networks and autonomous vehicles, all of which will be able to communicate with each other as well as outside systems, vehicles will be increasingly exposed to cyber-attacks. These attacks can range from information theft to complete control over the car's systems, including gears, breaks and steering wheel.

Out of the different companies attempting to address the issue today, the Israeli startup Enigmatos has been able to stand out on the global stage thanks to its exceptional patent-pending technology. The company is the first with the ability to create a unique digital profile for each vehicle for high accuracy cyber protection, while also possessing the capability of protecting not only future vehicles but also those already on the road today.

Enigmatos has developed the ability to create a unique digital profile for each vehicle, which allows it to provide tailored protection in order to detect and intercept anomalies with exceptional accuracy. This approach, called Deep Car Identity Profiling (DCIP)TM, allows Enigmatos to not only detect and prevent any malicious cyber activity but also provide early detection of cyber attacks and locate the source of various network anomalies.

The company was recently nominated as a finalist in the prestigious international Mondial Tech Startup Awards competition that is part of the Paris Motor Show. Out of over 450 startups, Enigmatos was among the few companies selected to showcase their unique product in the category of Security, Automatization & Cybersecurity. In addition, next week on October 17th the company will take part in the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Trader's (SMMT) Future Mobility Challenge, an exclusive event which brings together startups, car manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers. The shortlisted startups were selected by the five brands sponsoring the show – BMW, Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, Bosch & Ford. The company was also invited by TÜV SÜD to participate in its Innovation Award for Digitized Industries 2018 arranged with IBM in Germany. At the event on Oct. 23-24, Enigmatos will showcase its disruptive innovation and discuss potential synergies with top-tier industry, investors and research representatives.

The company’s President, Major General (Res.) Ami Shafran, previously the head of the IDF Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Cyber Defense Command, together with CEO Eyal Kamir, gathered a multidisciplinary team which is a unique mix of cyber professionals, veterans of Israeli defense cyber military units, and experts from the global automotive industry.

The team of developers, under CTO Alexander Fok (previously Big Data Architect of CheckPoint), has succeeded in developing a breakthrough technology that has generated great interest from significant players in the field.

Enigmatos President, Major General (Res.) Ami Shafran: “The automotive industry is at the peak of a global revolution; the immense growth and many technological changes that the field is undergoing are challenging the best minds in the cyber industry and in research institutions around the world. Enigmatos developed an innovative, reliable and highly accurate solution for car manufacturers, Tier 1 companies and other players in the automotive industry like fleet managers. This solution presents protection from current and future cyber attacks using a holistic perspective. The growing interest we see from leaders in the automotive industry shows their understanding that the dream of autonomous and connected vehicles cannot survive without cybersecurity.”

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