Gas Station Systems Company to Collaborate With Israeli Auto Cybersecurity Startup to Protect Fuel Management Systems

Cyber expert Enigmatos to work with Orpak, an innovator in automatic fueling systems

Enigmatos protects fuel management systems

​Enigmatos, a cybersecurity startup specializing in connected cars, today announced that it will be providing technology consulting services to Orpak to strengthen the protection of its fuel management systems.  

The automotive industry is in the midst of a revolution. With the rapid growth in the number of connected vehicles on the roads today and increasingly automated services for cars, the potential for cyberattacks is growing.

"We are delighted to share our expertise with Orpak, a global company with innovative products and breakthrough technology capabilities," said Eyal Kamir, CEO of Enigmatos. "This agreement demonstrates our capabilities to address cybersecurity challenges for the automotive ecosystem, including connected vehicles, fleets and automated fueling.”

Orpak (, a Gilbarco Veeder-Root Group company, delivers comprehensive solutions to oil companies and commercial vehicle fleets across the globe. Its products are sold in 60 countries, installed in 7.5 million vehicles and over 40,000 gas stations. Its ForeFuel automatic vehicle identification (AVI) RFID fueling solution was a significant change in how fueling is managed for fleet vehicles, such as mining trucks, cranes, buses, cars and others. It also defined a unique interface between vehicles and gas stations, both retail stations and in-house or “home-base” stations.

"We place a great deal of importance on cybersecurity. Our responsibility is first and foremost to our customers, and our automated fueling devices are installed in millions of vehicles," said Saar Livneh, VP R&D for Orpak. "The collaboration with Enigmatos is part of our continuous effort to boost the security and safety of our products while continuing to innovate.”

Orpak joins the list of Enigmatos partners who are working to improve the security of their products against hacking attempts. Pelephone, a leading Israeli mobile operator, signed a cooperation agreement with Enigmatos to provide cybersecurity services for its connected car products just a few months ago.

Enigmatos (, an Israeli startup company, is active in the field of vehicle protection against cyberattacks. The company's technology blocks cyberattacks on vehicles already on the roads, both at the software and hardware levels. The company is the first to create a unique profile for each vehicle by uploading all the data to the cloud, enabling it not only to locate the source of the attack but also to intercept it immediately and accurately.

The company's president, Maj. Gen. (res.) Ami Shafran, served as the head of the Israeli Defense Forces' information technology department, as well as head of the research and development unit at Israel research and development agency (MAFAT).  The company's founders include Eyal Kamir, CEO and founder, a serial entrepreneur in the automotive industry for more than 20 years, and Alexander Fok, co-founder and CTO, who held senior positions in leading cyber companies such as Verint and CheckPoint.

What distinguishes Enigmatos is its team of experts from the automotive and cyber domains, as well as its unique technology approach that enables it to provide a peripheral solution at the vehicle and fleet-wide level. 

About Enigmatos
Enigmatos  ( focuses on protecting fleets and vehicles from any malicious cyber activity, as well as offering valuable insights on a vehicle's safety and misuse. Its unique technology – DCIP (Deep Car Identity Profiling) – allows it to extract a vehicle’s unique digital profile without the need for any prior information about the vehicle. Enigmatos protects the vehicle from any illegal attempt to change the profile.​ Its solutions accurately detect the origin of each cyber attack and can be smoothly integrated with existing and future vehicle architectures.

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