Meet Acute Challenge Through Infusion & Ventilator Service and Repairs

Get infusion and ventilator service and repairs at unbeatable prices with the help of Quality Medical South.

​The rapid growth of technology has led to the emergence of a variety of medical apparatus and devices that are usually used in the health care centers and hospitals for numerous purposes. Quality Medical South is one such company that delivers quality-driven services and repair for bio-medical products. Since 2004, they have been involved in providing services to several hospitals and health clinics in the United States to meet the challenges in acute and alternative health care market.

Over the years, they have successfully dealt with the biomedical departments of major hospitals in Southeast, extensively emphasizing on their critical activity in the hospitals. The expert technician typically specializes in delivering regular maintenance work for infusion pump repairs and service, ventilator, parts management, depot level repairs, and on-site services.

The service engineers and technicians are fully trained and certified on a broad range of manufactures. They are efficient at handling a variety of bio-medical equipment. This is why most of their customers rely on their service and repair for all sorts of biomedical needs. They are quick and prompt and turnaround to deliver the services within 3 to 5 days in the service center. This is a testament to their dedication, flexibility, and integrity to the services. With more the one decade of experience, they can handle the project in the best possible manner, maintaining quality and excellence.

They are the leading centers for a whole lot of manufacturers for they have developed a strong, solid rapport with the hospitals and health care centers throughout the Southeast. Through excellence, integrity, honesty and dedication toward their clients and customers, they have proved them one of the trusted choices in the bio-medical industry.

In addition to handling repair and servicing equipment like infusion and ventilator, they are equally efficient in performing a wide range of common repair services, using OEM approved spare parts in all repairs that they keep in store.

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About the Company  

Founded in 2004, Quality Medical (QM) has evolved to meet the challenges of the bio-medical industry in the 21st century. They are a customer-focused and technology-driven company, committed to supporting the evolving requirements of the healthcare industry.

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