MedTech Outlook 2024 for Latin America Released

MedTech Outlook: Latin America 2024

Global Health Intelligence (GHI), the leading healthcare data analytics provider in Latin America, has just published MedTech Outlook: Latin America 2024.

Exclusively created for medical equipment/device manufacturers operating in Latin America, this unique report features more than 1,500 crucial data points that sales and marketing teams can use to devise their plans for 2024 and beyond. “For many companies, 2024 will be remembered as the year that combines both a return to business fundamentals with an outlook of transformative changes,” explains Guillaume Corpart, CEO and founder of Global Health Intelligence. “The MedTech Outlook report will help companies understand the healthcare landscape in Latin America, while at the same time converse about the impact of unstoppable forces in global healthcare. It delivers insights into the medical equipment and medical device market and supports the basis of strategic planning and forecasting. It is an essential tool for gaining clarity and achieving success in the region.”

Among the data featured in MedTech Outlook: Latin America 2024:

  • The seven fastest-growing medical equipment categories in Mexico, along with growth categories in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and other markets
  • The hospitals in Latin America that acquire more high-tech products than any others in the region—with the specific amounts of high-tech products that each possesses
  • Penetration rates of base installed equipment for more than 25 different categories (e.g., anesthesia machines to X-ray machines) in seven major hospital markets of Latin America
  • Total amounts of basic equipment (e.g., infusion pumps, ventilators) in all Latin American hospitals, along with the average amount per hospital
  • Specialized equipment (e.g., C-arms, gamma cameras, linear accelerators) penetration rates for all of Latin America, total amounts, and average amount per hospital that have this equipment
  • Total amounts of specialized units for Latin American markets like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Central America
  • Longer-term growth in medical equipment for each of the seven markets, covering 2020-2023

And much more, including the total amounts of hospitals, hospital beds, operating rooms, doctors, and other market data in Latin America, which serves to complement the specific data featured for each Latin American hospital market.

“The unique differentiator of this report is that the data stems from in-house primary research conducted with hospitals,” observes Corpart. “We cover roughly 90% of all the hospitals in Latin America within our database, with more than 140 data points for each. This powers MedTech Outlook: Latin America 2024 with fresh, direct data, that is essential to developing growth strategies.”

With the comprehensive and granular details found in the report, companies will have a deeper understanding of the Latin American hospital market so they can refine their plans for product launches, sales targeting, assessing demand growth, and other critical areas.

A free demo and the table of contents for MedTech Outlook: Latin America 2024 are both available on the report website.

Source: Global Health Intelligence