Global Health Intelligence Shares Insights on Medical Equipment Market Leaders in Latin America

GHI provides key insights into Latin America’s medical equipment sales leaders


Global Health Intelligence (GHI), the leading healthcare data analytics provider in Latin America, has just published data on the market leaders in 29 categories of installed base of medical equipment in Latin America.

“While biohealth companies have their own approaches to determining their respective market shares, GHI is the first independent, objective source for this data,” explains Guillaume Corpart, CEO of Global Health Intelligence. Our analysis is driven by HospiScope, our database of 19,000+ Latin American hospitals. We track multiple demographic data points about hospitals, including the brands of the installed base,” says Corpart.

To offer these unique insights to the market, GHI published a detailed article on its site that reveals the market leaders in a range of equipment modalities, including:

  • IMAGING EQUIPMENT: Latin American market share leaders for C-arms, CT scanners, MRI machines, Gamma cameras, and more.
  • DIAGNOSTICS EQUIPMENT: Latin America market share leaders for colposcopes, endoscopy towers, ultrasound machines, fluoroscopes, and more.
  • CANCER TREATMENT: Latin America market share leaders for linear accelerators, radiography equipment, and more.
  • SURGICAL EQUIPMENT: Latin America market share leaders for robotic surgery systems, surgical tables, laparoscopic surgery equipment, surgical generators, and more.
  • EQUIPMENT TO TREAT HIGH-RISK PATIENTS: Latin America market share leaders for hemodialysis machines, infusion pumps, ventilators, and more.

“It’s important to note that this data reflects installed base, i.e. the sales over the life expectancy of each type of medical equipment,” says Corpart. “Because of this, the data we share here may differ from the market share over a specific period.” To address this, GHI has developed a new service called BrandTrack, which identifies market size for over 400 equipment types and provides insights on market share on a quarterly basis. BrandTrack allows companies to monitor their market share more directly, not only on a regional basis, but also in specific markets like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and other countries.

“It’s groundbreaking to offer insights on the installed base as a resource for the MedTech companies operating in Latin America. No one has done this before—especially at no charge—so we’re hoping it delivers a useful, quantitative perspective for industry leaders,” says Corpart.


About Global Health Intelligence (GHI)
Global Health Intelligence created HospiScope, the world’s largest hospital demographics database focused on Latin America, as well as SurgiScope, the first database to track surgical procedures performed in Latin America. The firm updates more than 2 million hospital data points each year, helping clients with custom research, data on the medical devices market, competitive profiling for the LatAm healthcare industry, marketing sizing, segmentation, and pricing/cost analyses.

Source: Global Health Intelligence

About Global Health Intelligence

Global Health Intelligence (GHI) gathers market intelligence and performs unique market research to deliver strategic data on healthcare infrastructure in frontier markets, specifically in Latin America and Asia.

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