Medbridge Transport Announces Affordable Dialysis Transportation in Houston, Texas

MedBridge Transport

Since 2017, Medbridge Transport has been Houston’s preferred dialysis transportation company. Now, Medbridge Transport is announcing its latest dialysis transportation offering per the request of customers. This new dialysis transportation subscription service has been specially designed to make customers' lives easier.    

Far too often, patients who require critical, life-sustaining trips to a dialysis center have difficulty getting to and from their treatments. Fortunately, that’s where Medbridge Transport steps in. The company's dialysis transportation service in Houston, Texas, is designed to ease the stress and burden of both patients and families by making timely pickups and drop-offs a simple choice that is just one call away. Medbridge Transport has made it its mission to get customers to their dialysis appointments on time, every time, and bring them back home when their treatment is done.

The drivers do much more than drive a customer to his or her appointment and Medbridge Transport invites customers with special requests or requirements to contact its dialysis patient transport team anytime. The elite team is expertly trained and highly experienced in transporting dialysis patients and their families. They go through intense training programs that involve courses and certifications specific to transporting customers, including those who are elderly as well as those who have mental and physical conditions such as kidney failure. In addition to these special qualifications, the team is also trained in First Aid, CPR, emergency preparedness, vehicle upkeep and defensive driving. It is with all of this experience and knowledge that Medbridge Transport is able to assist each and every passenger with comfort and care while presenting minimal wait times.  

Since its inception, Medbridge Transport has been offering convenient and flexible dialysis transportation services throughout Houston and, in particular, the areas of Cypress, Sugar Land and Katy. The company makes it a point to keep response times as short as possible. All of its transportation vehicles are equipped with the latest wheelchair-accessible options to help patients who are wheelchair-bound as well as those who simply need extra help getting on board. What’s more is that all of the drivers are capable of assisting in the difficult process of loading and unloading wheelchair-bound patients. They truly go above and beyond their call of duty as they possess the compassion necessary for their position within the spectrum of a customer's individual care. Each of the drivers has undergone special empathy training and each is truly invested in the care of every patient and their family.    

Now, with affordable dialysis transportation at Houston's fingertips, patients no longer have to cancel or reschedule treatments simply because they are unable to get a ride. With this new offer, patients not only make all of their appointments on time, but they’ll also save money in the process. This subscription offers two plans. The first includes three round trips a week at $600 per month. The second includes two round trips per week at $400 per month. When a customer signs up for one of these subscriptions, they’ll be charged a one-time $10 setup fee for this service. 

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