MeatEater Releases Turkey Call Collection

Ahead of Spring Turkey Season, MeatEater and Phelps Debut Co-Branded, Premium Line of Game Calls

Leading outdoors lifestyle brand MeatEater, Inc. announced today that it will debut its new collection of game calls with Phelps Game Calls. The MeatEater X Phelps line marks the first collaboration between the brands after MeatEater acquired Phelps in February 2021. 

"Ben Franklin once suggested that the wild turkey should supplant the bald eagle on the national seal, and I have to admit I see where he was coming from -- even if he was just joking," said MeatEater founder and Chief Creative Officer Steven Rinella. "At MeatEater, our love for turkeys runs deep, so it's only fitting that our first product line with Phelps Game Calls is designed for hunting this true American icon. Our fellow turkey obsessives will love this collaboration with Jason and the Phelps team as much as we do."

"I could not be more pleased to announce the launch of the MeatEater X Phelps turkey call collection," said Phelps Game Calls founder Jason Phelps. "This collection has been years in the making, and there is no one better to showcase these quality products than the MeatEater crew. We've got some other great projects cooking, so stay tuned."

The MeatEater X Phelps Line includes: 

  •  3 Pack of Diaphragm Calls ($34.99)
    • Steven Rinella: Jake Brake
    • Janis Putelis: Latvian Eagle
    • MeatEater's Choice: Loud and Clear
  • MeatEater's Easy Clucker (Single Diaphragm Call) ($12.99)
  • MeatEater X Phelps Box Call ($79.99)
  • MeatEater X Phelps Crystal Over Slate Pot Call ($79.99)
  • MeatEater X Phelps Slate Over Glass Pot Call ($79.99)
  • MeatEater X Phelps Crow Call ($27.99)

The MeatEater X Phelps turkey call collection will join MeatEater, Inc.'s commerce offerings of apparel, outdoor gear, cooking accessories, and books. For more information on the collection, please visit or

About MeatEater, Inc.

MeatEater, Inc. is an outdoor lifestyle media and commerce company founded by renowned writer, TV, and podcast personality Steven Rinella and The Chernin Group. With the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives, MeatEater brings together the leading influencers in the categories of fishing, hunting, wild foods, and conservation to create premium content and experiences and provide unique apparel and equipment. MeatEater is based in Bozeman, Montana.

About Phelps Game Calls

Phelps Game Calls is a hunting gear company dedicated to producing high-quality game calls. The company was founded by outdoorsman and civil engineer Jason Phelps in 2009. Since its inception, Phelps Game Calls has been committed to providing the most accurate and attractive custom game calls on the market. Phelps Game Calls is based in Pe Ell, Washington. 

For more information, please contact Megan Stencel at or (704) 249-1430.

Source: MeatEater, Inc.